Sunday, February 7, 2021

Blacks Need Better Advocates

 The San Francisco Board of Education had a committee that voted 6-1 to change school names of anyone that engaged in "the subjugation and enslavement of human beings or who oppressed women, inhibiting societal progress; or whose actions led to genocide; or otherwise significantly diminished the opportunities of those amongst us to the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Well and good, and since blacks have never stopped enslaving, subjugating and downright exterminating everybody that they have ever came in contact with since time began -and right up until about 10 minutes ago, we should feel delighted to be right here awaiting for their calls to defend them.

                      Even little John laughed

                 But only cause he's part black.

                    In the right areas, I mean.    

                   Which is none, thank God.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Impervious To Imperviousness

 Are the unfortunately-hurt-filled people like Jessie Daniels simply impervious or simply blind (purposely or not) to the by-now-mundane and very predictable summarizations and always-spot-on conclusions of people like her from very brilliant and studied people on the human nature of the similarly hateful-for-no-sound-reason men and women continually making the decent-by-comparison societies forever falter?

Can't they see that, I sincerely ask the gods.

Question for thought: What is the reason that America is one of the only places where you see certain races not getting along? 

Is it because America is one of the only places that has even tried to have the races get along?


 So as these egregiously hypocritical sorts sit and irresponsibly lament a great engine of true progress (America), remember that it is indeed only because it is the United States that such social leaps are even possible.

Otherwise, you will then continue to show why that no one can truly take you seriously and --notwithstanding the fun you are having now-- you'll rightfully continue to be mentally marginalized because you continue to not value holding or obtaining any grasp on the context of your irresponsible claims.

      These lines on my face are getting clearer

     than my love for a certain special someone.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Advancement, Of Course

 I publicly wrote about Bret Weinstein a year-and-a-half ago regarding his forced exodus from Evergreen College as him and his wife couldn't be more of the poster childs for boring silly pretentious PBS radio and also the least likely unfair people in the world as this whole Black Lives Matter thing even has this most blandest of couples saying "what the actual fuck is up with these niggas"?

Throughout human history it has been recorded that Blacks have never not enslaved others every chance that they have ever had; and despite their affinity for a good shoe there's no difference in their attempts here.

As guilty as they are of being the most hypocritical creatures to have ever walked this planet, the main problem is a portion of people that are co-opting the #BLM movement for their attempts to find some relief from their hatred with their own breathing.

 Also, they are taking the good-hearted, good-natured and well-meaning lighter skinned peoples natural inclination to stick up for what they believe is an oppressed person and shitting all over it.

An enslavement of the mind, you could say.

Your personal physical being is next.

White people (women, mostly) like Robin Diangelo who are at the forefront of this are the actual ones that are making the White people get back to almost solely talking amongst themselves (while now intentionally ramping up their forever coddling of Blacks) which is the highest form of disrespect to the Black but it is absolutely needed, so as Shakespeare pointed out some 4 plus centuries ago it usually indeed is the ones chirping so loud about a given problem that are themselves actually (creating ---purposefully or not) the problem.

They (this Left) are smart enough to know that there is no God (at least, readily available) but they are human enough that in it's stead they feel to have to continually find a way to Virtue Signal regardless of how many other lives it costs.

On the off chance that you don't yet see how this analysis is simply but sufficiently accurate ---but since we all (both Black and White) agree that this is all about past enslavements) I then can only ask you to ask yourself this: What were the Blacks doing when the Whites ---and others--- came for them some 500 years ago? Were they considering others? Were they even contemplating having consideration for others?

Or were they straight up 100% enslaving everybody at a freakishly fast pace?

Also worthy of noting that when they weren't enslaving others, they were pretty summarily taking anybody that they didn't like to the extermination fields not even giving them the "luxury" of living as a slave.

I say "were" but all one has to do is look right now to see that this continues to go on wherever that they find themselves.

I'm not saying I'm just saying.

On an extremely personal note as if the reader might care, I will divulge that I absolutely 100% do not hate Black people individually but I hate most people (whatever color they come in) when they form groups; and since Blacks have never really had a history of thinking for themselves, they do happen to catch my ire.

Breeding 15 kids to a family or to a woman (or a hoe, as is cool by them to say) can never lead to good things just like when they can't even remember their kids names and default to calling them all "Shorty".

Why the government is doing this is another essay and my addressing why that Black culture has been revered by certain segments of others is also for another post but the short of it is that keeping this false narrative going makes money for the government.

And to the other issue there: White's grow up mistakenly thinking that Blacks are (without sound reason) oppressed; and they develop a type of odd underdog feeling for them as who could not naturally support someone who they feel is oppressed ---whether that person is actually indeed oppressed.

In closing, I'll admit that when I look at each one individually, I actually have the most gigantic heart for them and in some moments could shed a tear and a couple times actually have because they are being used; and yes, they are being used by White people ---but not in the way that they think.

But they never do.

Think, that is.

That's "fag" stuff.


But we all deep down know that writing and constantly sifting the mind is the only thing that has ever gotten us anywhere good.

This is so simple as to defy logic.


                          Speaking of simple

                    I'm the Mayor of Simpleton.

 "Hey, Google"!
If you listened to the words that I'm saying then you would not have to keep banning me.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Married To Idiocy

 Pretty people with pretty (enough) lives and destitute people with shitty lives love "God".

The pretty people better stop their religious bullshit.

They had better never bully again or these non-pretty and non-destitute people are going to make your lives hell.

Yes they are completely wrong in how they are attempting to do things but I won't pretend that I don't understand their frustrations.

So to Constantly Married Matt Walsh and the like: Stop your marriage talk, immediately.

That shit should be for you and you only.

And Blacks, I'm not even talking about you, here.

 The instant that you acknowledge and accept your continual enslavements of others, everywhere, will be the moment that myself and others take you seriously.

 Right now, you are just pawns.

I'm surprised that doesn't bother you.

              Now can I get back to these races?

                             It's all I have.


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Exactly Why "This" Happens

 Listen, it's like this; in these last 60 or more years (and from further back but for less pressing reasons) Whites have been scared of Blacks ---and mostly for some very real reasons; so, growing up, they (as I myself was also not immune to this state of mind) realize that they have this fear; but since humans don't like fear, we try to attach a reason for it; justify it; quell it.

As Christopher Hitchens always points out "we are pattern-seeking creatures; as we will accept a bad reason rather than zero reason".

It's basically masochism because no one wants to be faced with a fear that they can easily at least subside by pretending to be on the side of their ---oppressor.

 As I have written before, young kids grow up "learning" that a certain type of people are oppressed and they begin to have an underdog feeling for them and then it becomes a type of slight hero worship for them ---and unfortunately whether or not that people deserve any sort of ranking like that.

  It's a relief valve for them to stave off the fear that they feel as that's exactly why that they are so fervent about it as Shakespeare would easily catch this "protesting too much" verbally and manifesting itself physically in the streets.

They don't want to hear about the obviously easy to find blatant facts that Blacks have never stopped enslaving people all through history and in all areas of the Earth; because that would mean that they would then have to challenge blacks ----which goes back to their original fear.

 It's the rich getting richer and the scared getting ---more scared.

I'm only scared that I'll run out of pithy comments.

                         Or emergency selfies.


The Black Death That Whites Willfully Court

     Chappelle on SNL 

 This flock of people seem to not have any sense of themselves as they don't understand that these Blacks (not all, as some actually are introspective) are the most irresponsible people on the earth as they have never stopped enslaving everybody every time that they have ever had a chance in every part of the Earth that they have wound up in (except (for now) the United States) but yet got all in a tizzy when their asses got enslaved and now they are suddenly all for civil rights and telling you how to treat ---them. And these audience members just sit there helpless and have that fake laughter and say "oh now this is the way it should be".

Well you guys just wait until they get what they really (blatantly to us) want.

 Not to be too technical or anything, but since we all originate from Africa as leading evolutionary biologists have concluded, that then therefore means that they have killed part of your family.

Hopefully it was just a more distant cousin that nobody really liked anyway but they still have ---killed ---your ---family.

 They are feeling beyond reproach sitting there openly calling for the extermination of 87% of the population but yet you think that that's okay; whereas the worst thing that you can say about Donald is that he's an egomaniac.

Which means that he'll do anything for you but he just wants you to thank him after ---which doesn't sound like such a huge price. 

Look up what these people do in all areas of the earth.

The only time that they have not done what I'm talking about is when they have been here in the United States.

But you'll think that I am ignorant, heartless and cruel but nobody could have ever been more of a liberal than me but this is not liberalism ---this is masochism. 

My lovely wife of nine years is in total agreement with this and yes she is black and yes indeed that means that I'm not being unfair.

     There is hypocrisy when my little daughter tattletales on her little brother about him going for extra cookies in the cookie jar while she herself has never left the cookie jar, and then there is hypocrisy when it's a supposed adult regarding matters of life and death.

 And yet you sit there laughing with him making fun of you.

"We do not have to wait for the zombie apocalypse for it is already here". 

 I used "for" and I wasn't even talking about a number. 


The White life is always better than Black death

                    And that's why they hate us.



Friday, November 6, 2020

Overcorrecting America

My favorite thinker guy Sam Harris shows up to be a cuck as he roots for women's lib bullshit disguised as #BLM. He feels that because a guy wants to get laid & he lies at times BECAUSE he's the POTUS, he's unfit.

But he needs to realize "it's BECAUSE he's a CHILD as to WHY that he actually really does care"!!

 I know this, personally, from myself.

I truly care.

 But likely only because I'm still a child.

 BTW Everybody else is, also, but I'm more able to be honest. It's a long story but suffice it to say that it's in my contract. 

 Now, I do not feel that we should worry if politicians truly care for us, so I'm only responding to his argument.

Cavemen suck yes but he is over-correcting.

 I'm never correct so no over correcting needed.

 Either way Donny Boy got Penn to revote 😂😂