Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Big Bad Dong

The 'Big Don' song for the Trump says that they have 'god on their side' (these Republican conservatives).
  Idk maybe who knows but yet they say that they don't understand why humanity (the ones that count at any rate) sees them as the KKK or Nazis.
   Or some other considerate lot.
 Well, Hitler in his own book said on three separate occasions that he was "doing the "lords" work".
 On the belt buckle of every German soldier was "got mitt uns" or 'God on our side' I find out from Hitch.
   Liberals are silly and need to dress better (especially the girls #trycolorsinsteadofanewshadeofblack) but the Donald has tapped into something positively American: Angry spoiled bully babies that don't know ---nor want to know--- how to handle themselves and loving their ejaculating president loll
   And he's funny as heil

 then again I'm just john y'all.

  steadfastly pitching for Jesus.

 And of course always for
 handles himself nightly

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