Monday, July 16, 2018

In the air tonight

   On this Fox News "go get em" video
                        (click link) 
      OK so they are making fun of "atheists". That's great bring it on but serious people don't even consider that word a word but I'll go with it but FIRST... we have to stop saying the word "god".
 I myself am not an atheist; to be an atheist means that you're certain that there is nothing; and that's really something.
  It's almost as insane as claiming to know that there is... something. Moreover, it's a silly word that was only made up to respond to the sillier dangerous theistic bunch ---of which we're most definitely not.

I have shouted many times that I'm pretty sure that there is a "first" cause and yes, I'm also guilty of sometimes calling it ''god'' but I'm not sure that it worries about us and it sure doesn't seem to even know or care (in our sense of the word "care") that we're here. 
 And thank god cause I'd hate to think that all the horror is purposeful. 
  Thank God that we're likely random chance.
Meaning don't take your baby falling into the fire so personally.

  That's arguably predetermined.


It's still too emotional for us and fogs our minds because of remnants still lingering from a varying degree of indoctrination. The not as damaging term "creator" will be fine enough though.

Reread above

     There are so many ways to show why this "have you ever heard of a car without a creator"? seemingly "gotcha" attempt is retarded and I love a real "gotcha" moment ---this ain't that though. 
  But I'll accept it here though the patter back and forth in this video needs to be addressed beforehand or it will fall into some "you deny our ''skydaddy''?! drivel.
   Trying to avoid that.

  So because you can't explain something you lazily insert the "god" exclamation, as it were, into everything.
   You've (the religilous) had to give so much ground though in the recent 2000 years; Why?

When you answer that you will understand it; that's how easy this is; It answers itself if you're willing to let it; will the hystericals actually allow this though or will they lay on their back groveling as they do?

  They are incredibly lazy as it's either on their back or on their knees.
   How supple and soft they are and it shows. 

 needs no knee but his weeeenee

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