Thursday, July 26, 2018

Race To Advance

    The fact that she misrepresented things doesn't negate that there is racism but what she's done is let her hysteria set relations back,... maybe.
 Here's why it's only a maybe.
  She's sincere that's why I've hesitated to call it a lie. She's likely well meaning but she's dangerous if her judgement is trusted by others.
  This should not be a reason to scrap all the progress that we've made as a people on race relations (though I call it "understanding") rather it should be a chance to move forward even more as yes, she is wrong she misrepresented what happened but what's dangerous to all of us is that she (if you listen accurately) didn't lie, not legally at least.
   Listen again you'll see.
  She gave her "feeling" about things.
   Yes I hear her stumbling around the 7mph thing cause she likely knew it was more but go deeper.

 When feelings are taken to bolster or even supplant the (legal) reality it's unspeakable and harms everyone so let's not bitch about it lets see what we can do.
    We can use this perfect reason to hate blacks to become better ourselves.
    To advance; for ourselves.
 Here's what I mean in a movie example.
  Stay with me here you'll understand.

  In Shindlers List Oscar schools Goeth that "real power" is when you have every reason to kill; you're completely justified yet you don't.

  So be disgusted with her as I am but maybe not let it detract from you yourself advancing.
    Racism is real, though we're growing out of it at even a faster clip than years ago but what is not declining fast enough is hysteria.
    Breathe and understand and even hate the bitch but don't let it steal your advancement.
  The progress made is so important but the growth to come should be protected from intruders; like this disease of hysteria.
  Not just her hysteria but hysteria from all of us. She reacted very poorly causing her to basically lie but we have a chance because we're on our computers safe from her mundane traffic stop so we've zero excuse.
   Ya folla?

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