Sunday, July 29, 2018

Right Away From Logic

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       Gee ya think the government loves this? hmm... In the comments on the video post surprise surprise as everybody is continuing to give accounts of who does what..."the Republicans did this... The Democrats did that".
  Seems no one here at least in this post wants to see the real problem.
  Keep blaming each other instead of doing what's needed. Keep telling people to get out of the country.
  That's always worked... not.
 Besides the Republicans do nothing anyway. They hated the Obama administration so why didn't they get out of the country?
  Because they're full of shit that's why duhh
  They're just happy to be pissing on the Democrats.
  That's it that's all

Both are blindly led.

 If Trump said he's bringing back Obama Care they'd support Obama Care.
   Dems are ignorant but their hearts are good and their actions are for the good of everyone.
 Conservatives are just a needy bully baby crew purposefully being stubborn.
  Zero real substance and they look at good-faith efforts at discourse as a threat to them.
     the real anime

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