Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trumped up men

With this president there is an overflow of "man" references in his speeches and from his fans ...says a lot. Another "thou protests too much" thing. Like the small kid who talks wayyyyy too big but only cause he's scared.
 Or the unfortunate scared stubborn dolt that now feels vindicated for being miserable as he's picked on others all of his life to cope.
  He's justified now.
   Anyway as someone who sees the necessity of being good for goodness sake so as to not blame your goodness on an angry fatherly judge I can't help but notice in these "the brits are idiots" get togethers that you're pushing their government way on us.
  They are a religious nation ---or were--- and our soldiers died trying to start a non religious republic yet you keep praising religion and what's worse is that you are advocating it in our government and lauding it when you hear "god" in a speech and or see the notion of it in action.
  Seems some folks hate the way the revolutionary war went down.
 It's not necessarily me saying that rather, it's your own words.
  You may not like the mirror that I present to you here but tell me how I've misrepresented this persona reflection.

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