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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Being In Dumb

 Freddy boy and some others always sound as if they have searched for 10 hours to try to find some unnecessary big and bullshit words to use instead of concerning themselves with understanding the very sufficient words that are already at the ready of most folks. 
 Not unlike some normally English speaking religious people purposefully talking in Latin. 
They're exactly like the people who are somehow aware that they cannot articulate or even argue in their own language so they feel that by learning some bits of another language that they will then come across as intelligent ---or at least mysterious enough to be thought of as intelligent by the yocals--- simply for moving their bullshit words into another language.
  Poor breeds, they are. 
 The stupid breed, I mean.

 Don't get me wrong, many people are dumb and or ignorant ---including myself duh--- as dumb and or ignorant just means that one doesn't know but still could be a person that is at least trying to learn, however, stupid people just trudge forward regardless and even double down on their stupidness because they're hurt that they're not taken seriously. 

  Be dumb as we have no choice anyway but don't be stupid. 


somebits really got it down

 Wow nice chair.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Blacks Are Not Slaved To Reality

I'm an asshole.
Get over it. 
 I'm a terrible human.

 Not really but I'm allowed one lie per post.
 Anyway but concerning Robin Diangelo and her book White Fragility and the loads of people that are mostly not anywhere near the blacks and (therefore?) ~love~ them just so very much much much, I offer this...
 Check your sources for yourself but the basic premise that she is trying to get across is that we don't ---or couldn't even ever (cause we are white) understand how racist that we are and secondly, she claims that, for us to even good-naturedly inquire about learning how that we are racist means that we are racist.
Because she concludes 'having the ability to question things makes us privileged'. 
 even if I myself were part of the ones that were enslaved and were then still "systematically oppressed", and for me to break free meant that I had to stifle people in a whole country that clearly have shown and are still showing that they're eager to learn and very amenable to going even more out of the way to do whatever it takes rather than hear their seemingly genuine feelings about what's right and wrong, then, please excuse me while I get my shovel fo dem glad feelins a returnin to dem ol cotton fields back home. 
 Because with one choice, I would want to kill myself but with the other I would eat three square meals a day but soul firmly intact. 

 Oppression is never right.
Even oppressing your attempted killer is wrong.
 Yes, you fight him off of course then bound him... torture him.
  But then, then... let ---him ---talk.
 Because he might say more stupid shit so that you feel even more warranted for placing the ice picks in his eyeballs. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Oppressors Come In Many Dark Colors

Are people ready not just for an honest conversation but an honest substantive conversation?
 I say it like that because there is not only some difference but a very important difference between the two questions. 

I ask that sincerely because all that I've heard from the blacks is their feelings about things.
That might be ok for some things but not all that ok for getting to the (higher) truths of important and now ever-increasingly urgent matters. 

 By way of analogy, I mean that there are loves of course, but as Steve Winwood sings, he, too, prefers the higher types. 

In an exaggerated example, I will ask you to imagine that your room is on fire at this moment and the person that you are with says "the coffee cup is brown" well, that might indeed be a truth, but the more pressing realization should be that the room ---is ---on ---fire.

I'm going to reveal a very good strategy that I use for uncovering the truth within a persons (unsaid) argument, ready?

It's not so novel, you'll see.

In arguments, where everything that I'd theretofore said is not even responded to or that they've now simply shifted to their other points, I am then forced to throw in something that is obviously wrong so that when that other person suddenly but invariably calls me on it, it then actually stands to solidify everything else that I had previously argued (and even regardless of if what I had said was in fact actually true) because the trusty admission-by-omission barometer then lights up which uncovers that they indeed do have the ability to differentiate but it seems only when they want to.

 Or for these specific cases, maybe it's better said "only when they are able to".  

Meaning, I will argue something blah blah blah blah blah and then in the middle of the argument ---or wherever--- I will say something like "2 and 2 is 106" and that person immediately calls me on my error in math whereas with everything else that I have said it becomes glaring that they ---haven't ---even ---addressed ---it.

 Nor even acknowledged it. 

What does that say?
  That shows that from their not being able to respond to all of the other things that I'd said before the obvious falsehood, that my other claims are ---true.

But let's see if we all can get past that and just have them address their own words as when I asked them if they prefer certain things and certain people.
(This won't hurt your brain). 
And holy hell they indeed willfully agree that they do so then it's official that they, too, are merely being preferential, and as such, I wouldn't ever accuse them of being racist.

But given that, then neither should they accuse us of any racism simply for us being preferential.


   Because by their own (now more thoughtful) words, it's not racism, as they (previously and thoughtlessly) have always yelled, but rather, it's obvious natural human preferential ---ism. 

 And I'd agree with them. 

But so it's clear that this glaring schism within their argument comes from them mostly arguing from emotion rather than logic. 
Am I being cold in pointing out their limitations and am I cold in using those limitations in this manner and matter?
Well according to them ---and I would also agree that--- they are very smart individuals, some of them. 
I simply asked them if they have any preferences in their life regarding inanimate objects ---and also humans.
They say "but there's a difference if it's human preferentiality".
Then I have to ask them then how is it different (in regards to this exact matter)?

I continue to wait for their answer to this.


  I am now going to raise an even more uncomfortable question here; when America and parts of the British colonies heartlessly enslaved certain people, what does that tell you about the people who were able to be enslaved?
Poor luck?
Largely, I think so, but let's be real honest and look into this exact situation to see if it was simply all bad luck. 
Again, I will have to insert that I don't think that anybody should ever be enslaved for almost any reason but let's really look at it. I ask you to wonder about the abilities and values of the people who were enslaved as again, I will say that slavery is 100% wrong, but I am only speaking in sterile terms, right here, when I ask, do blacks have the ability to, first, be able to understand why that they were taken as slaves and secondly, do we really think blacks minds have grown and/or advanced on the whole from their African roots 500 years ago?

They value different things.
  That's it and that's all.
  Now again for the third or fourth time I am going to say that slavery is wrong and if I myself was enslaved I would want to kill my slave masters also (just ask the Monia) but hopefully I would understand that I was probably coming from a bad spot because ---I ---was ---enslaved.
So from that standpoint I sometimes do not feel like it is fair to critique people that have been enslaved but again I am just talking in sterile terms.
Sometimes I have not been able to sleep because in my mind something stops me as I say to myself "well the reason blacks are so limited is because they were slaves" and I feel awful critiquing them too much, but then I get to the reality that it has been that same way for blacks long before slavery came into their lives, and while there is some stubborn tendency to have forward movement, it still remains to be a continual mess.  
  For the fifth time I don't think slavery is right for anybody.
There are differences in the (important) abilities of humans, and if they do not want to acknowledge that then they are being willfully naive and they still have not understood or even acknowledged that they also, regardless of their level of being, are preferential ---just ---like ---humans.

  Lastly I am going to raise a very cheap but important point is that everybody else in society that has been taken in to be slaves has overcome or at least adapted and is doing decent enough.
  And the difference is that blacks have been doing terrific and whites and others want to keep bending over backwards to keep this happening for them but their inability to understand all of the willful and loving sacrifices that have been made (as no other people have done so much to right the wrongs of the other people that they have also enslaved) and the heart felt sorrows that have been felt indicates to white people that their efforts have fallen on stubborn and/or ignorant ears.
That was the British people's reasoning about taking in Africans in the first place. 
I'm not even saying too much there.
Am I?
  Blacks, without hesitation, make fun of the Koreans, they make fun of whites ---and everybody else--- they hate them and they even hate all other people, too and of course when they hate white people we can understand how they would hate white people but the fact that they hate everybody shows that they are every bit just as bad as the whites and therefore ---not ---entitled ---to ---any ---special ---treatment.
  Or are they the first species and race of humans that doesn't hate other people ---whatever color they might be?
I'm sorry but anybody reading this has got to see my point and evidence shows that in increasing numbers they indeed are seeing this.
  But again no race should be enslaved but let's not pretend.

  "Hurry before Fredrick Wilson II (Freddy boy) deletes another one of my considered replies". 

 Think about this, that, even though blacks vehemently disagree with me, most are at least respecting discussion enough to continue engaging in the argument with me. Most will at least take the time to show their thoughts about things but Freddy boy shows that he doesn't even respect his own followers because while he spends his time deleting me he is also (because their replies are tied to mine) deleting those people, too.

  That can show nothing else but an intolerance to anybody that would even engage with anybody that doesn't agree with Freddy boy.

Speaks well as to who the real oppressor is. 

  It's the bad type of opportunist taking advantage of things and making the case clear that they have no ability to differentiate between what's important and what's not and he's clearly showing that while we all have feelings for our arguments, he doesn't even have an argument to go with his obvious feelings. 

  Feelings rather than understanding he supports. And he is the speaker for the blacks?

 Is he?

 Well if he is not, then the more thoughtful people have to attempt to distinguish themselves from him or they will then be liable to be indicted on the same oppression charge. 

 Meaning to say, that, if the blacks don't take him to task for constantly deleting not only my arguments, but also their arguments, then they are every bit as culpable because if you want to even attempt to indict white people for the behavior of other white people 150 years ago, then we have every right to indict you for tacitly going along with the suppression of not only my argument but yours.

 Because this is actually something that you yourself are doing whereas what you are blaming us for is something that we have never had any responsibility in unless you are simply blaming us for what people with the color of our skin did 200 years ago ---which by definition would ---make ------you ---racist.

 They're then ---as they say--- "lumping" us. 

And it seems that they themselves always claim to hate being "lumped". 

  Is that a hmmm?

     Hmmmmm maybe it is. 

 Listen, slavery is a bummer but how that they cannot see what I'm presenting and how that they think it's okay to stifle others is beyond thoughtful folks and that same bullying action was partly why that they were enslaved in the first place because their continual engagement in these stifles shows that they are still a bully crew instead of a reasonable thoughtful crew.

  Now, I do not believe that all blacks are acting like bullies, but if the thoughtful ones do not call out the bullies ---even and especially when they seem to be on their side--- then they are every bit just as irresponsible as the oppressors like (Freddy boy) are and therefore rightfully subject to being treated in a ---type ---of ---way.

   I mean until that they stand up for free speech (and free speech for all) and for fucks sake at least free exchange between people who are clearly actually trying to understand the situation, then they could show me 150 videos per hour of white people treating black people in a type of way but it will matter not as until they are able to stipulate that there should be exchanges between everybody, their point is moot.

If they want equal rights then the first equal-ness that they need to be able to fathom is the right not just for them to be heard but rather for all to be heard. 

  Nothing that they say matters until they address that last point.

 You'd do well to remember that. 

I forgot long ago what I was supposed to remember for today.
 Anyway here's me from the left. 

Awwww poor baby



Friday, July 10, 2020

Willful Hostages To "Goodness".

---On Fredrick Wilson' attempts. is continuing to remain dogmatic ---because he wants to be famous but not famous for being bright--- as it shows in that he doesn't care that his sentimented preferred favorite action by way of his "Cancel Culture” routine is only an 
indiscriminate call to violence because first, it's an unhelpful phrase and even inherently and unnecessarily destructive if it remains to be irresponsibly used by his ilk because, “cancelling” can be anything from mild online disapproval to being thrown in jail, and “culture” makes criticism seem like an unthinking reaction rather than something that may or may not be warranted depending on the case.
 Some people really do work to silence contrary opinions, and organizations sometimes react unthinkingly in response. Those actions deserve a thoughtful critique. But the “cancel culture” label makes that critique harder to pull off, by lumping disparate things together.
  I do recognize that for many people who deploy the label, this conflation is an intentional strategy, as they want to treat mild online disapproval as just as bad and thus worthy of being thrown in jail, and therefore showing the damning symptom of leftist "illiberalism" because he attempts to stifle others thoughts.
 True oppression he practices. 
And he justifies it by claiming to be holier than thou because he heard some shit somewhere that somebody might have been oppressed ---but he's shown no ability nor willingness to learn that it is not a black-white thing with the police or others but rather it is a human thing and most of the video things that he shows are simply excessive force issues rather than any type of racism because it happens to white people too, as everybody has been oppressed at some point.
It doesn't make it right of, course, but so what makes his cause so grandiose and where does he get off not accepting all of the unbelievable sacrifices that have lovingly been made for close to a century now and all the sorrows that have been felt for decades upon decades?
 Because America has truly shown that it is indeed intellectually and emotionally above other places on the planet because other areas in the world have never even acknowledged their enslavement of others ---let alone apologized for it.

  So congratulations you jackass. 
 Endearing myself to death

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

In Defense Of The Lunatic Liberal

Needed preface:
 The #BLM movement is simply blacks being blacks SO this is not about them but rather also about idiots but ---idiots with good hearts.
  The phone that you are reading this on was made by democrat liberal thinking; the chair that you are sitting on while you are looking at said phone was made by Democrat liberal thinking; the roof over your head was made by Democrat liberal thinking.
 And yes the complete idiocy that is going on in the left is entirely Democrat liberals.
 Nobody ever said that the Democrat way was without imperfections and always subject to their own daddy issues which are being displayed now in the form of trying to cancel everything throughout history instead of trying to advance by transcending it through understanding.
 The crazy left that I was posting about 4 years ago has overtaken things like Washington college and many other things of course and somewhat remarkably a teacher who that they absurdly think is racist. They think that canceling someone like Bret Weinstein from Evergreen University is what they need to do but no one could be any less racist than Bret Weinstein (hard evidence shows that he's even a walking doormat ---and purposefully that) but daddy issues and humans own good hearts combined with people's innate desire to help the oppressed ---or who that they feel is oppressed--- has clouded their judgment to the point of dangerous absurdity.
But having said that, we must never forget that if we were to completely adopt Christian Conservative Republican ways, we would never even have been able to build any colleges or any homes or have the luxury of free thinking so that we all can be free to think ---stupid ---ass ---things.

 But yes I'm way more distressed with even thinking about attempting to have conversations with the hard left because they have basically shut down all forms of communication if you do not agree with them --- and that could be no more antithetical to what we know is needed to actually continue advancing.
 But to bring this back to the "proud" Republican, namely, Bill Pascek, I will say that his continual deleting of my comments (ala his left opponents) shows that he's actually a fascist as he prefers to shut people out who disagree with him, showing that he's completely incapable of keeping up with his own arguments when somebody actually properly calls him on his shit.
 So 2020 hard left or 1930s and 40s Germany fascists; which one is he today?
 Because from his actions there are only two options for him to identify his self as.
  Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's just an idiot?
  It's only because I like him that I'm extending to him that third option.

 You could say it's on the house.

The house that democrat thinking built 😉.

(In house comment)
  Petey boy, Billy is coming on to a greater understanding of things little by even more little.

 Awwwww you see what I did there?
   Cause I'm a geniouz

I'm so old now

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Blacks Scared Of Saying Thank You More Than They Are Of Guns

 Regarding video below...

  "Freddy boy" is the antagonist.
He's real at

The Reader's Digest (condensed) version.
(I listened to this's been more than enough time that white people have very willingly made sacrifices and shown deep sorrow... white people are still all-too-happy to keep making sacrifices... but given blacks absurd insistence with claiming that nothing has been done, we can't help but to wonder if the black people want zero excuse or to keep up a false narrative... almost all of the video events that have been shown over the last 40 years have actually not been racism but rather frustration on the part of the white people because their efforts have not even been acknowledged ---let alone appreciated... concluding as my remedy that black people need to acknowledge the efforts that have been made thus far before those said efforts will continue).

 Now to the whole reasoning...
 I listened to every word as I always do..
 First, I will do the smarmy disgusting thing of virtue signaling by saying that I really like Trevor Noah as he's a good thinker and a thoughtful thinker and an overall good guy as far as I can tell.
 But just because I like him and feel that his heart is good, doesn't mean that I can't attempt to show how his arguments ---and not just from my arguments about things, but rather, from his own words--- are not compatible with his own stated sentiment.

 At :20 seconds, he purposefully and rightfully brings attention to the word "recently".
  "Recently" is a very subjective word as it means different things to different people, so let's look at how we can determine its proper use here..
 "Recently" should be looked at in the context of if these injustices to the blacks are STILL causing them to be discriminated against, but better said, discriminated against SOLELY because of their skin or race.
  So "recently" blacks were enslaved?
Evidence will show that it has been 160 years since slavery was legal BUT that's not so telling, in itself, as I would agree, if someone would feel that's not a point that shows everything, so we'll get more in depth with it.
 So what have non-whites done to "repair" these terrible actions from 160 years ago and on into the Jim Crow years after?
 Well, except for some small percentages of yahoos that were just ignorant and mean regarding everything ---not just the attempted civil rights enacting back then but with hating others and themselves--- everyone in America whole-heartedly supported the marches for freedom from discrimination for now 50 years.
That's 2-3 generations.
 But is that enough?
Well first, the white people indeed should have been bending over backwards (at least if you want to live in a free and civil society that values actual consideration ughhhh actual thinking yuk) and zero people had problems with this bending as no one has disagreed that those actions were noble, but it has been purposely going on for more than 70 years and officially for 50 years and put into overdrive in the last 40 years and become insanely prescient in the last 30 years as we can rightfully without self-pity bring up affirmative action and social conscience that has so obviously and fortunately seeped into the minds of every kid ---black or white--- for the last two generations and more as our evidence of those said efforts by non blacks.
 Also that unavoidable point, right there, makes it clear that we've been at the hearts and minds stages for more than 40 years and even everyone still totally wants to continue these types of enlightened views but it's becoming absolutely absurd that black people do not seem to know or care that these things have already been addressed and have been in firm place.

 By no means are we lamenting that black people are usually now socially preferred over white people to be hired for work, but it is simply blacks behavior and values and priorities ---not the color of their skin or their race--- that make people still treat them in a type of way.

   America has been 100% clear that it feels the sorrow of anybody who --as they feel--- is oppressed or even has been oppressed, but America is becoming more sorrowful that the people that they have so willfully sacrificed for don't even seem to have any desire to see those efforts.

  It's a simple solution... make it crystal clear that you understand the efforts that have been made BY THE COMPLETELY INNOCENT white people NOT the former slave owners ---BECAUSE they're dead long long time ago--- and America will put it into an even more super-fast turbo drive to make sure that it never happens again.

 But do blacks really want to have zero excuse?
  Here's my proof that blacks don't want zero excuse: Blacks knowing that the efforts that America is dying to keep putting forward ---not just the sacrifices they've already made but so much more--- would seemingly make them feel like it's just a small gesture to just simply say "thank you for feeling the sorrow" as after that America would not just freak you out with their usual effort but would probably just simply pay you a million dollars per person per day and shine your shoes because they would be so happy that you appreciated their efforts.
 So given that blacks are not even considering doing that as further evidenced by Freddy boy proving that he doesn't want to be involved in any conversation other than "white people need to pay white people need to pay white people need to pay" never even considering that white people have been paying for him since he's been born and they'll gladly do it again and give even more but only if it's recognized, it can only show that blacks have internal issues and other agendas that are not in tune with having harmony and TRUE equality.

Momma gone kill me. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

At Least It Wasn't Because I Was White

During my (invited) visits into these LIVE public talk rooms with the black people as they continue to argue that white people ---and anyone that disagrees with them--- suck, they were continually warning each other saying "he's a crazy-smart white boy so watch out".
 I still can't get over that.
 So you get your crew into a private room and you tell them "be careful he's smart"?
(So he's going to know we're up to bullshit)?
And NO ONE in said room at least feels talked down to after hearing that, or feels that only idiots they can present their arguments to?
 Or it doesn't even raise an eyebrow among them that a relatively smart person can show that their argument is unfounded?
 So you have an agenda that can't afford a smart person?
 Says so much.

I mean if you are only worried that the person that you're engaging with to get across your argument might be smart, then it just might be that you don't have a good argument.

 But then they see the certificates that I sent them that showed that I have only a relatively normal IQ but it only made them even more defensive.
 As I have written about before, this is a psychological problem within themselves rather than any racism problem coming from others.
 It's prototypical self-hatred.
 And it doesn't give me a thrill to say that.

 Listen, the awkward truth is that so many white people ---especially the young white people--- actually revere black people but that's another post, but it basically has to do with the younger people being made to believe that the black people are oppressed and then they see that the black people still are doing fine so it creates an odd underdog excited feeling of victory in the face of adversity ---whether that particular adversity is real or not.

   America is NOT racist.
  We're dumber than hell; frustrated as fuck; say hateful things when a black person pisses us off; still say "nigger" quite often to relieve our frustration with the blacks.
 But we're not racist.
 Neither was that cop in MN or in most other video events that we've seen over the last 40 years.
 They were all scared.
  But that's not racism.
 That's just good observation skills coming from the non-blacks.

  This continual attempt by them to shut me out is exactly what is at the heart of why that black people get treated the way that they do by the police and others.
 If you have been following those exchanges then you will see that their almost every response to everything that I say over all those hours has been about how racist that I am even when I couldn't have been more careful to be so considerate to the black plight.
  And here it is... when regular folks see how the blacks behave when they are simply critiqued, imagine how that they (the cops) must feel internally when they have to actually arrest a black person.
 Meaning, if a person is not even going to be responsible for the things that they say, imagine the expectations that the police and others are now forced to have about them being responsible for the actions that they might be capable of in regular life and ---more urgently to the police--- the things that they likely will be dealing with when black people have to be arrested.
It's exactly because of the observed behavior of the blacks that these cops are simply scared of the blacks rather than white people being guilty of displaying any racism.
 It was mostly all of them calling me names or saying that I'm crazy or blah blah blah blah blah but they can't deny the fact that if they can't even accept criticism ---and then at least try to dissolve that criticism by good sound argument--- then they should not have any questions about why that they are treated the way that they are.
  Meaning, the problem that continues to be is not racism itself, but rather, the accusations of racism because it is not even attempted to be shown by the accuser where the racism actually is.

These last many decades it's become a charge without evidence, but much worse is that it's a charge without even attempting evidence.
 And that, right there, is the the mainspring of true racism.

 So don't just tell me that there is racism, rather show me where there actually is racism and I will be behind you 100%.
  After I've had my coffee and toast I mean.

My head pre-the upcoming gunshot blast.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trumped up men

With this president there is an overflow of "man" references in his speeches and from his fans ...says a lot. Another "thou protests too much" thing. Like the small kid who talks wayyyyy too big but only cause he's scared.
 Or the unfortunate scared stubborn dolt that now feels vindicated for being miserable as he's picked on others all of his life to cope.
  He's justified now.
   Anyway as someone who sees the necessity of being good for goodness sake so as to not blame your goodness on an angry fatherly judge I can't help but notice in these "the brits are idiots" get togethers that you're pushing their government way on us.
  They are a religious nation ---or were--- and our soldiers died trying to start a non religious republic yet you keep praising religion and what's worse is that you are advocating it in our government and lauding it when you hear "god" in a speech and or see the notion of it in action.
  Seems some folks hate the way the revolutionary war went down.
 It's not necessarily me saying that rather, it's your own words.
  You may not like the mirror that I present to you here but tell me how I've misrepresented this persona reflection.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

No No Not This Time Dae Dae

Went to school with the blacks..
 Not good.. many selfish issues they have.
 More than others, I mean.
Crazy high percentage of them, at least.
  Different values..
 They like getting laid but they see it as a conquest and not even a sexual conquest which could be interesting, but a boring domination.
 Largely a bad strain of humans.


 In their own bellowing calls they're all "queens, kings"..and "bosses".
 They are not for the social good.
 Never have been.
 They only like to engage socially when they can rub their money in the others faces.
 I'm not saying that there are no good ones... considerate ones... but the percentage is small.
 They never appreciate good things.
 No one ---including myself--- likes to see anybody be subject to excessive force and certainly nobody likes to see racism but America has bent so far over backwards that it's breaking us... and maybe we need to do more but one thing is unavoidably certain, is that the black leaders and thus the black people do not appreciate the efforts that have been made; in fact, none, whatsoever.
 This. This right there is what's subconsciously causing the treatment of the blacks.
 It's unfortunately looked at as "ohhh the white man needs to do more".
 Maybe, but when are they (the blacks) going to do ---even anything?

 Blacks are the ones that are thought of when we are prompted to make the saying "don't mistake my kindness for weakness".
Blacks do that all the time; they try to jump on you if you're "weak".
 It's their culture... But worse is that they're proud of their ignorance.
 Their culture of willful ignorance.
Not dissimilar to the dunning-kruger effect.

  Very very poor breed.
Disgusting on the whole.
 Fucking up good kids.
 Especially the good black kids.
 If you are articulate they often respond "man you on dat talkin booahshit".
 They don't want to be insightful.
They want to dominate you but can't.
 Which breeds more hatred for you.
They hate our skin.
 It's pretty to them.
 That's why they so often say "black is beautiful".
It's Shakespeare's "thou protest too much" on full display.
 I feel bad for them, I really do, but it's true.
 Black is beautiful.
 That's true also, but not their mindsets.
  Still, zero people deserve to be enslaved.

The short but sufficient answer thus an immediate remedy is that the black people need to simply get up and say (if only because it's blatantly true) "we know that America and most parts of the world have REALLY tried to address it's harshness and yes indeed, it's failings with regards to slavery and we LOVE that you try and can't help but to see your sorrow".
 That's all.
 Then everything will be fine.

 But do they want it fine?

 I mean, you know how we ALL like a stormy rainy crappy day, sometimes because it gives us some type of excuse to ---not ---do ---anything?

 Lollll gawwwtcha....

You KNOW you just went "Holy shit he's right"... but so are you.
 You already knew.
     Yeeahhhh you did.

I just mentally stuck you up lolllll
  You're welcome.

 Detaining illegal thought since 1987

Monday, June 1, 2020

Do We Want Change Or Do We Want Advancement, Of Course, Clarice?

    A good well-meaning person just posted something that showed that in the 60's, riots happened and the Civil-Rights bill was passed 6 days later...
 So does that mean that it necessarily was the reason that it passed? Because remember, correlation does not have to imply causation.
 In other words, it's more complicated and more nuanced than what he posted as a "hmmm".
 In conclusion, that passed for other reasons.
 The bill passed in spite of the riots.
 Riots weren't necessary as peaceful protests were in fact a huge part of what actually got it done.
 Because purposeful clenched-mouth peace ultimately shows control, which always gives the better chance at the change that is wanted rather than simply any change simply for change's sake.

 But baseball is coming up and as my mind wanders I always wonder how that people know what I'm thinking.
 Facebook stickers have been giving me away for too long but they're in my contract.