Sunday, July 26, 2020

Being In Dumb

 Freddy boy and some others always sound as if they have searched for 10 hours to try to find some unnecessary big and bullshit words to use instead of concerning themselves with understanding the very sufficient words that are already at the ready of most folks. 
 Not unlike some normally English speaking religious people purposefully talking in Latin. 
They're exactly like the people who are somehow aware that they cannot articulate or even argue in their own language so they feel that by learning some bits of another language that they will then come across as intelligent ---or at least mysterious enough to be thought of as intelligent by the yocals--- simply for moving their bullshit words into another language.
  Poor breeds, they are. 
 The stupid breed, I mean.

 Don't get me wrong, many people are dumb and or ignorant ---including myself duh--- as dumb and or ignorant just means that one doesn't know but still could be a person that is at least trying to learn, however, stupid people just trudge forward regardless and even double down on their stupidness because they're hurt that they're not taken seriously. 

  Be dumb as we have no choice anyway but don't be stupid. 


somebits really got it down

 Wow nice chair.


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