Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Blacks Are Not Slaved To Reality

I'm an asshole.
Get over it. 
 I'm a terrible human.

 Not really but I'm allowed one lie per post.
 Anyway but concerning Robin Diangelo and her book White Fragility and the loads of people that are mostly not anywhere near the blacks and (therefore?) ~love~ them just so very much much much, I offer this...
 Check your sources for yourself but the basic premise that she is trying to get across is that we don't ---or couldn't even ever (cause we are white) understand how racist that we are and secondly, she claims that, for us to even good-naturedly inquire about learning how that we are racist means that we are racist.
Because she concludes 'having the ability to question things makes us privileged'. 
 even if I myself were part of the ones that were enslaved and were then still "systematically oppressed", and for me to break free meant that I had to stifle people in a whole country that clearly have shown and are still showing that they're eager to learn and very amenable to going even more out of the way to do whatever it takes rather than hear their seemingly genuine feelings about what's right and wrong, then, please excuse me while I get my shovel fo dem glad feelins a returnin to dem ol cotton fields back home. 
 Because with one choice, I would want to kill myself but with the other I would eat three square meals a day but soul firmly intact. 

 Oppression is never right.
Even oppressing your attempted killer is wrong.
 Yes, you fight him off of course then bound him... torture him.
  But then, then... let ---him ---talk.
 Because he might say more stupid shit so that you feel even more warranted for placing the ice picks in his eyeballs. 


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