Friday, July 10, 2020

Willful Hostages To "Goodness".

---On Fredrick Wilson' attempts. is continuing to remain dogmatic ---because he wants to be famous but not famous for being bright--- as it shows in that he doesn't care that his sentimented preferred favorite action by way of his "Cancel Culture” routine is only an 
indiscriminate call to violence because first, it's an unhelpful phrase and even inherently and unnecessarily destructive if it remains to be irresponsibly used by his ilk because, “cancelling” can be anything from mild online disapproval to being thrown in jail, and “culture” makes criticism seem like an unthinking reaction rather than something that may or may not be warranted depending on the case.
 Some people really do work to silence contrary opinions, and organizations sometimes react unthinkingly in response. Those actions deserve a thoughtful critique. But the “cancel culture” label makes that critique harder to pull off, by lumping disparate things together.
  I do recognize that for many people who deploy the label, this conflation is an intentional strategy, as they want to treat mild online disapproval as just as bad and thus worthy of being thrown in jail, and therefore showing the damning symptom of leftist "illiberalism" because he attempts to stifle others thoughts.
 True oppression he practices. 
And he justifies it by claiming to be holier than thou because he heard some shit somewhere that somebody might have been oppressed ---but he's shown no ability nor willingness to learn that it is not a black-white thing with the police or others but rather it is a human thing and most of the video things that he shows are simply excessive force issues rather than any type of racism because it happens to white people too, as everybody has been oppressed at some point.
It doesn't make it right of, course, but so what makes his cause so grandiose and where does he get off not accepting all of the unbelievable sacrifices that have lovingly been made for close to a century now and all the sorrows that have been felt for decades upon decades?
 Because America has truly shown that it is indeed intellectually and emotionally above other places on the planet because other areas in the world have never even acknowledged their enslavement of others ---let alone apologized for it.

  So congratulations you jackass. 
 Endearing myself to death

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