Friday, September 25, 2020

A Chip Off The Old Crock Of Shit

 Not knocking them unwarrantedly 😏 (that's for you Brionna) but regarding the Blackies and their constant bullshit has relatively sufficient honesty mandating me to say that having a chip on your shoulder can actually be a fantastic thing to fuel you constructively in your life; but having some purposely-false chip put there just makes you an unnecessarily-mad and hypocritical true piece of human shit that should be cast away to the jungles of the earth. 

 If even they will tolerate you. 

       I love a good race riot.

      It cleans out the blood. 

These things gotta happen every 5 years or so.

      Just don't tell Fredo. GOD DAMN DON'T TELL FREDO NOTHING. 

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