Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hot (But Accurate) Microphone

 Jim Ferragamo of CNN was just caught on LIVE audio saying "the blacks were jungle people and up until when they were captured had always been summarily torturing and enslaving others; so as the British colonies wanted to advance, they felt that since the blacks were enslaving and exterminating the others that we couldn't afford to not use them as labor" and he reasoned that "hell it wasn't even so bad because they had a job, they could have sex and breed and eat anytime they wanted. 

About the only thing that they couldn't do is continue their forever enslavement and extermination of others". 

 Concluding "so what did they expect"? 

  I mean will he still be able to keep his job after people here that.

 Because they might actually want to make him King for bringing that forward.

                          Black glasses matter


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