Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unmasked Un-Racism

Breaking News: unmasked un-racism happened. 
    As a human being, I hate the visuals on this, but I have to say that as much as I despise wearing the Hannibal mask, it is asked for in certain places and while yes, it's not criminally illegal to not wear one, but once you are asked to leave a private facility you then become subject to a trespassing charge if you don't. 
Yes, I want to spit when I see this but we must notice that the cop did not body-slam her; he just arrested her. Now, I don't know if it was an actual trespassing situation but that's the way that I see it, here, and actually it really doesn't matter what situation it is because I am talking in general terms.
 When people cry about wearing a mask, I can totally relate about how amazingly bullshit that it seems, but since we do not know yet all the particulars of the virus thing, we as a society should go along with it until we know better ---not just emotionally act because we feel type of way about it. 

  I mean it's just part of the job when you have to arrest a girl as they can give you the finger and whatever but as long as you're doing your job your captain won't be mad. 

  Being hauled in for questioning can be brutal but it's the price she has to pay for being white. 

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