Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Complex Articulating While Being Ignorant

  She's a great speaker but she should have spent her time articulating other subjects because, here, she's fundamentally wrong as she is basing her conclusions on a false premise; an unawareness of the #why of a matter. 
 Because even though people might not be as articulate as some other people, what they feel is felt with every human being that has ever been slightly introspective as they realize that we are all capable of slavery and so when they realize this they can't help but come to the realization that Blacks have forever enslaved everybody that they have ever had the chance to enslave on down through the ages ---and right up until this day--- as they have never stopped.

 I honestly (at this point) do not think it is any more complicated than that.
 I'll listen as to how that I might be in error in my conclusion about the "complications" surrounding why non colored people tend to not like the Blacks.

 Anyway, but once the proper acknowledgment has been seen given from the black community, things will change (naturally) for the better ---for everybody.

 But do they really want this or is this just their latest incarnation of slavery; maybe not for the physical being but for our mental health; as in some type of enslavement of our critical thinking in some disgusting mental entrapment of unwarranted guilt.

 Or are they all just on bullshit?
 Or only some of them?

         It's likely one of those ---but nothing other. 

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