Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Daddy Issues

 Marriage should be thrown away but being a father should not. 

The biggest problem is no fathers rather than no husbands.

 Have you ever thought about that?

 Start being a little more responsible by being less of an inflictor that directly stems from you staying in a marriage and/or a relationship simply because you are told to and/or that you're afraid to actually walk the earth without deary by your side ---or on your back as the case usually may be.

 These guys that trumpet having a wife and telling all the better points that marriage brings (Matt Walsh) do have some points (if you're a weakling) but they take it too far because to hear them talk about their dinner dates and to tweet in public back and forth at each other about their cutesy weirdnesses might be cutesy but it's irresponsible when it's not cute anymore ---if it ever even was (cute). 

 Yuk, I say. 

If you are really concerned about advancement for yourself (or even just for society) then you would have dropped these faulty principles; because, living more responsibly for yourself makes you be more responsible for others and therefore makes everybody step up.

             But do you really want to step up?

 Me neither.



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