Monday, October 5, 2020

Don't BLM Me

It's hard not to understand the cries of the insecure; whether they are gay ---or just downright weird, or even just the blatantly ignorant hypocritical mean introspection-less blacks (as that's at the core of this angry Left) as they are afraid of honesty. And I don't blame them, as bullying should be condemned on all fronts (except in some WrestleMania bullshit) but what's possibly surprising is that the more honest that we are able to be, the more easy it is for us to have hearts and to (appropriately) take care of those said others instead of merely coddling and (or worse) even dangerously tolerating them. 

 The people that choose to "believe" that 2 + 2 is 5 simply because they feeeeeeeel a type of way about it, do, in fact, need comfort (which is obvious) but we need to have a sounder base (a higher genuine understanding of things) where we are all sufficiently honest because we will then be much more inclined and therefore willing to give them the needed comfort.

 This appeal is really to the males, because if they don't start getting more enlightened (and soon), then the females are going to keep joining things like #BlackLivesMatter. 

 And none of us need that bullshit. 

Listen when and if the whites get on some bullshit, I would take them to task, also. 

  But after our KKK meeting adjourns 😜. 

    Anyway, I got you on the "let's all be more considerate" front (at least that's what I prefer to call it) from the Left.

 But you pukes at #BLaMeothers I got your front right here. 

                           And mom is proud

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