Tuesday, October 13, 2020

New Clear Family Problems

Here's Jessie hating herself.
  She constantly sees what she thinks is pretty people actually procreating and she despises it.
#MeToo because I was never able to have kids and I was never pretty (just ask all of my girlfriends) but that doesn't mean that my disappointments should be thrust onto everybody else.
  So we understand as she feels like she's downtrodden and seeks other people who she needs to stay downtrodden so that she has somebody to relate to; and yes, we can all feel sorry for the state that she is in, but she should continue to be marginalized none the less.
 But she takes up with the Blacks?!?
 Why is this absurd?
 For reasons that I will now illustrate in a suggested solution that I have.

 The simplest solution is this: All white and other (but mostly and especially the Blacks make fun of gays, you know) people should get up and say that we have no problem with the gay community but rather we just have a problem with a woman who doesn't like herself so she irresponsibly transfers. 

  Remember that it's the Blacks (rather than the whites) that have predominately made fun of anything that is not heterosexual.

  Obviously there are plenty of reasons for this as growing up without a father figure makes them feel that all they have is their manlihood and so they associate caveman behavior with manliness. 

I myself have always been content with being downtrodden cause girls love a guy that can't pick just one girl. I suffer in silence but it's a content silence, I guess. 

At least I don't inflict my content-ness on others.

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