Sunday, October 18, 2020

No Vibrations Leads To Bad Vibrations

"I've never liked the Beach Boys" "Dr." Jessie Daniels says, because they support Trump. 

 And neither did I when I was miserable for that one day in 1983.
I hated anything that celebrated anything.
I felt left out.
 Passed by.
I wanted to kill everything.
I wanted to destroy my family.
 But I thought ---or maybe was forced to think--- about it.
And it passed.
And I soon began laughing at how stupid I was.
 Then I laughed at how stupid everyone else was.
Then I got laid; and then I liked the Beach Boys, again.
Then my girl left me; and then I loved the Beach Boys.
 Then someone "made fun" that I could, at times, somewhat, articulate things; and then I ---still ---loved ---The ---Beach ---Boys.

 But to think that she actually has the "Dr" salutation before her name is one of the most distressing things in the history of this universe, I swear on my mom's soul, as she continually shows no ability to be able to differentiate.
Indeed, "Good Vibrations", she never has.

                             God tortures. 
                       So give him credit for it.




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