Friday, October 16, 2020

Nodding Off

 Speaks so much that all you have to do is have the "nodding woman" or the "agreeing Black" behind any remarks and that's enough to make the other women and Blacks go along with it.

And it's on both sides, as always.

 Oprah made billions doing that and so did Phil Donahue.

What does that tell you, women and Blacks?


 Also to notice is that woman start everything off "I feel" while Blacks end everything with "ya feel me". 

Guys, you better step it up quick or these women are going to stick to the Blacks just to shove it up yo asses. 

  So how to get better?

 1st, no more marriages. 

If you want to be with your girl that's terrific and I am all for it as I like that, too, but once you start demanding (by law) that they be with you, you then yourself become a scourge and an inflictor.

 Concern yourself with being a father rather than concerning yourself with being a husband.

                 I like practicing having babies.

Keeps me ready for the real babies of this world. 

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