Saturday, October 17, 2020

Welcome To The Grand Illusion

    This one right here, throwing fire on an officer (video) needs a daddy.

      Any takers?

A large percentage of the population is saying that these things are a myth which I think is a lot of bullshit myth-information but seriously we should not describe these people with grand names like "Left" and "Post-Modern" blah blah blah; we should call this for what it is: A bunch of daddy-issue-laden kids that grow in age but not in emotional maturity.

   This guy (kid) doesn't even have wrong political ideologies; he's just a spoiled brat that is pissed off at his life and wants to take it out on others.

There's no grand thinking here within him: there's not really even some righteous cause; there is just spoiled-bratism.

 The reason that I am being so easy on him is because we have all been there where we imagine ourselves throwing fire onto another person, but the difference is that we know we would not like that happening to ourselves ---so we refrain.

 For another day, at least. 

                         I can hold off my fire. 

But can you wait, though?


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