Sunday, October 4, 2020

Oh Yeah Women

 I crave women (because I'm psychotically honest with myself) but c'mon, in serious matters, and yes, with some exceptions, the women don't have too much to offer. 

 But that's just nature ---so don't hate them for it--- but males have to figure out a way to more *politely but smartly* marginalize them or cater to them or satiate them in some better way ---otherwise they just get pissed and join BLM. 

 That's right. 

 Remember that. 

 They're like "OH YEAH?!! You're not going to listen to ME!? Okay, well watch who I take in as my friends!! I'll organize with the Blacks"!!

That's right.

 "Hell hath no fury as a woman (even "thinking" that she has been) scorned".

  But ultimately, a better understanding of ourselves is what is going to have to always hold sway as then these kowtowing things will be the things that are marginalized rather than a significant percentage of the population. 

 Don't ever text while you're taking pictures driving. 

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