Friday, October 9, 2020

The Keith Olbermann Problem

 So Keith, you must feel 100% justified to say that we are all scum because we (must be) the most heartless inconsiderate ignorant bastards around; but who is the most hypocritical in this fight when the Blacks have forever chained and enslaved everybody every chance that they have ever had on down through the ages and right up until this day, yet they pretend that they somehow hold some moral high-ground and that they are then well-deserved to not only tell but demand how that they should be treated by people who had nothing to do with their chains. 

But you just stay up there on your high horse and pretend that if Trump is a cad and/or if he lies once in a while (like every president) that that means that you are then therefore justified.



Learn what your momma shouldn't have to tell you. 

         Even my Pepper is flipping you the bird. 


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