Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Truthy But Faulty

Many people argue terrifically but from a faulty premise.

It's "fruit of the poisonous tree"; which means it's a faulty base; which means it will grow but it will never be sound; which is like a guitar that's out of tune yet still plays but not in concert.

 If one says, say, "ice is cold" everything after that is taken as similar "truth" by willing participants to said original false base. 

 For example, if someone is accused of something and then it's argued how that person could have done it, it will seem absolutely brilliant (and it actually is perfectly brilliant) except for the overriding an overarching truth that the person wasn't even there. 

 And when, say, a metaphorical God shows the video proving that the person wasn't even there, the people then double down and change to being offended that the person was violating their right to privacy by videotaping them which therefore "proves" to them that this was all set up to make them look bad which "proves" that ------the person killed the other. 

   I am certain that we need to grow by considering that we may be under a misapprehension but I am beginning to think that it is 100% conclusive that the only way we can guarantee certain ones growing sufficiently is by having it happen to them.

 Now, a simpleton would say that we need to experience racism oppression and slavery to understand the Black man.

 Needs to happen to us, I mean.

 Seems just, right?

 But it has. 

In fact, it almost never has not.

So but to which I would agree but to be something other than a simpleton would demand me to point out that Blacks have never stopped enslaving everybody that they have ever come across during their entire history in all parts of the earth during all times and even right up until this day as just a cursory look will prove this ---over ---arching ---truth. 

  This right here is specifically about me so you can bow out now if you want but I've always noticed that when a non-colored person holds the door for you or gives you that little flip, they never say anything except to respond "you're welcome" because we say "thank you"; as that's the only exchange and also I think the only exchange that there needs to be; whereas, when a black person does this, we have to hear about it for 45 minutes as they often will go further by bellowing "that's right, my mama told me how to behave" and then they will say "yes I do this, I do this, that's what I do, my mama taught me".

 With no facetiousness and no sarcasm I say that that is one of the saddest things in the world to me where that I actually almost have to fight the lump in my throat; except that I want to get the fuck out of there because I know who I'm around.

And then that even makes me somehow even sadder but I'm usually then comforted that I am finally around normal terrible white people again who have only picked my pocket but not then tried to make me feel that I somehow deserved (thanks Robin Diangelo) to get my pocket picked. 

                       Don't shoot me until I say.

 I'll tell you when don't worry.
I've always been right on time. 



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