Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Whites Latest Coop On Blacks

 Miley Cyrus is being canceled because she paid some Black girls tons and tons and tons of money to be in her dance routine and to do work for her.

 To do ---what ---she ---says.

Bosses tend to do that. 

Look it up.

It's really true.

So when my black employer (boss) gives me a box to take to the end of the loading dock, is he being racist, is he "using" me inappropriately; or is he paying me to do work for him as Miley Cyrus is paying them?

These are women who have never done anything except sit back, whine, complain and act like the woman from Five Easy Pieces where Jack Nicholson has to finally tell her what's really up with her life.

If they get what they supposedly want, then they won't get what they really need; and if they don't watch it, then they are going to have the biggest backlash as no one is going to want to hire a Black.

And that's specifically why that I am starting to think that these rabid dogs are put out there to actually destroy Black people all while under the guise of trying to protect them.

So maybe this is a Republican plot or a Democrat plot but it does seem like a plot none the less. 

 Poor Blacks.


          The Whites are smarter than I thought. 

                              Those bastards.

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