Sunday, November 1, 2020

Colorful Hands Forever In The Cookie Jar Of Enslaving Others

   This whole thing is fundamentally flawed because the colorful ones making this specific charge and so then wanting America to quote-un-quote "own up to its past" of course sounds fine on it's face and indeed so clearly already has been done and indeed for decades upon decades, here in America, (very telling), but it's fatally flawed because a trope can't help but to present itself in the form of this question that I'm coming to as what's making this impossible is this seemingly forever un-attended to and (for now) underlying but forever understandable feeling at play within all of us others of "when the hell are the colorful people going to own up to their own horrid treatment of others all throughout time and indeed right up until this day"?

 They want fair?

Who doesn't, right?

 Now, if they are serious, then they are going to understand that deep (and not so deep, lately) in the minds of every human is this knowledge that we know that this is bullshit; but not because that we don't want to walk on eggshells and do what we can, but because the colorful ones have never acknowledged but much less addressed (or even considered) their own dirty enslavement doings in the world since time began.

 It's the "hand in the cookie jar" condition and it's making everybody have a sense of perpetual yuck.

The short way to say it is that if you want to say that having your hand-in-the-cookie-jar (of bad behavior (slavery) is bad, then it's clear that we have already very willingly agreed; but if you want to pretend that it's only us that have been dipping in said jar, then you'd be wrong... just wrong..

 just flat-out wrong. 

And they know this.

 So why the purposeful hush-up?

 Govt, is my hunch. 

But the govt is just us.

 So we want to pretend to them?


 From a personal standpoint, I could see that some of the people in government could be more clear than me and so they have their reasons to continue pretending, but just to take this argument on his face, I think that after much thought, that I am 100% on my analysis of why that there is this un-needed angst in the minds of us non-colorful ones.

The split-second that Blacks own up to their continual enslavement of others is the instant that any racial tensions naturally dissolve into nothingness.

 And there's the peace that they claim to want, so much. 

   I really don't think that it's hard to understand.

              But then again I'm White and evil.



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