Thursday, November 5, 2020

Don't Read This, Mom

---On Blacks continuing to "prove" their case by continuing to talk about, say, somebody that they felt didn't respect them, "properly"; or, might have treated them in a type of way ---or just simply didn't like them (that one day ---or whatever)...

Well, let's just get this out there, that, if White people walked around murdering Black people 100% of the time; never even leaving a Black to live, they would still be in the right, right now, because Whites are being threatened by Blacks to be exterminated for things that they never even had a part in and by people who have never stopped enslaving people. So all of those myopic truths stating that the White man doesn't care enough and that the White man is bad are irrelevant.

Every problem that you have ever had in your life will always trace back to a woman being pissed off but without sound reason (except for that she is a woman). And so as men we have no choice but when you add Black to the female input, you have something that we can and should separate from.

  Terrible they are.

At various points, the whole of Earth's races has already, at least, acknowledged their own dealings in oppressing and even enslaving others. 

 But not the Blacks. 

 They're special, we must presume. 

But we're certain that they are not for the social good now nor have they ever been.

 I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't have one hundred percent conclusive proof with this particular assertion, here; but don't listen to me necessarily as I only just ask you to answer this one question yourself ---and here it is: Do you know that Black friend that you have that is just so cool and they're just so cool with you? Well put it to the (needed) test by trying to ask them if they should be continuing to be pointing their fingers at Whites given the evidence that Whites (so far) have stopped enslaving whereas Blacks have never stopped.

Then see if your friendship continues.

 Fair enough, no?

You won't because you're better than them and/or don't think that they can handle the (overriding) truth?

 Ohhhh so you're "better"?

You racist. 



I know, but do you?

 You genuinely love her, right?

 Yeah, #metoo. 

 But as they (Blacks) say "it is what it is". 

  The interrogative question should not be "do you hold a (type of feeling) for the blacks"?

The rational by definition and by justness alone question should be "are those feelings justified"?

                   Cold November rain not so bad

 when it's not so cold.



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