Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Black Death That Whites Willfully Court

     Chappelle on SNL 

 This flock of people seem to not have any sense of themselves as they don't understand that these Blacks (not all, as some actually are introspective) are the most irresponsible people on the earth as they have never stopped enslaving everybody every time that they have ever had a chance in every part of the Earth that they have wound up in (except (for now) the United States) but yet got all in a tizzy when their asses got enslaved and now they are suddenly all for civil rights and telling you how to treat ---them. And these audience members just sit there helpless and have that fake laughter and say "oh now this is the way it should be".

Well you guys just wait until they get what they really (blatantly to us) want.

 Not to be too technical or anything, but since we all originate from Africa as leading evolutionary biologists have concluded, that then therefore means that they have killed part of your family.

Hopefully it was just a more distant cousin that nobody really liked anyway but they still have ---killed ---your ---family.

 They are feeling beyond reproach sitting there openly calling for the extermination of 87% of the population but yet you think that that's okay; whereas the worst thing that you can say about Donald is that he's an egomaniac.

Which means that he'll do anything for you but he just wants you to thank him after ---which doesn't sound like such a huge price. 

Look up what these people do in all areas of the earth.

The only time that they have not done what I'm talking about is when they have been here in the United States.

But you'll think that I am ignorant, heartless and cruel but nobody could have ever been more of a liberal than me but this is not liberalism ---this is masochism. 

My lovely wife of nine years is in total agreement with this and yes she is black and yes indeed that means that I'm not being unfair.

     There is hypocrisy when my little daughter tattletales on her little brother about him going for extra cookies in the cookie jar while she herself has never left the cookie jar, and then there is hypocrisy when it's a supposed adult regarding matters of life and death.

 And yet you sit there laughing with him making fun of you.

"We do not have to wait for the zombie apocalypse for it is already here". 

 I used "for" and I wasn't even talking about a number. 


The White life is always better than Black death

                    And that's why they hate us.



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