Thursday, November 5, 2020

Unnecessary Virtueous Flagellation

This is not an essay about the government wanting to keep this false narrative up but yes, I am now 100% convinced that that is what is at play here because there are just too many dollars in pretending that discrimination oppressive acts and downright slavery are Whites-only affairs.

No, this is just a look into the future of what they (you know who) vaguely claim to want.

And I must say that as of writing this, I really don't even know what socialism (in other areas) is; but if it is just the government giving people approximately $3,000 a month or so with the only caviate being that we then pay 50% more for our clothes and things at Walmart and such but we can still go make our money in any way that we still want, then I am all for it.

 And quite frankly I think you'd be a fool to not want this possibly provisional safety net.

     I don't care about specific names of specific things. I care about what they bring.

 The paranoid Boogeyman stories that always come with anything ---and I mean anything new--- like monthly payments need to be discussed, yes, but they ---need to be discussed.

 In my experience, guaranteed paychecks coming to an individual every month relieve him of many unneeded worries.

 I mean that's why we go to work because we want to be guaranteed. 

 And I don't want to hear any jingoistic bullshit about people then will have no drive.

 Meaning, the bad ones are going to do bad things regardless, but if we keep doing things from a lowest common denominator standpoint, then we are going to stay ---low. 

So let's look ahead and see America here and now into the virtue.

I mean future.

With the Republicans (especially the Christians) you get silly ass people that are for the most part harmless regarding their silly ass religion.

 It's been conclusively shown that the only reason Republicans and Whites have a distaste for Blacks is because Whites keep getting blamed for something that we had no part in while the Blacks never even have to address their forever continued enslavement of others every chance they've ever had. 

 And yes, right up until this day.

The easiest solution to dissolve all racial tensions is for the blacks to admit what is self-evident.

But their supporters and them do not want this.

What Blacks and their crew claim to want (seen via tons of their words on the internet), is for the Whites to go.

 They're not shy about their desires these last few years ---and especially with Trump now looking to be dethroned. 

Okay, then, so let's go into their thoughts for the future and where it's taking us.

 I mean, them. 

So when the Blacks and company have this place, what are the inhabitants of the new and "improved" USA going to do when the Blacks ultimately engage in their usual physical enslavement ---not just their usual mental enslavements? 

Because they have never not enslaved others, you know? 


Percentage wise, Blacks have enslaved others far more than Whites. 

It's true.

 But Blacks should not feel guilty about this (their forever and continual enslavement of every one all across the Earth and since time began) because, as it happens, White people (occasionally) enslave others, #too.

Now, if you want to be honest and say that this really is a boring attack on White people that are rich then we might have something to talk about but it's a boring argument. The British used to call it the proletarian versus the bourgeois.

  So the worst thing that could happen with having them continue to be marginalized is that they would get free food free money free housing free loans free schooling and free White girls. 

 In other words, when the Blacks don't do anything good again with their new neighbors, how long is it going to be before they start claiming racism ---or at least mere discrimination?

Decent folk might want to start valuing being careful of the company that they are now championing.

 You will remember these words. 

. White people absolutely 100% do not hate the Blacks any more than we might from time to time hate anyone else; but this irresponsibility from them is making it so we are going to have a tough time caring anymore from here on in.

                            But I'm taking Lisa

                           She likes being a girl.

                       And I'm a girl's liberalista.

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