Sunday, December 6, 2020

Married To Idiocy

 Pretty people with pretty (enough) lives and destitute people with shitty lives love "God".

The pretty people better stop their religious bullshit.

They had better never bully again or these non-pretty and non-destitute people are going to make your lives hell.

Yes they are completely wrong in how they are attempting to do things but I won't pretend that I don't understand their frustrations.

So to Constantly Married Matt Walsh and the like: Stop your marriage talk, immediately.

That shit should be for you and you only.

And Blacks, I'm not even talking about you, here.

 The instant that you acknowledge and accept your continual enslavements of others, everywhere, will be the moment that myself and others take you seriously.

 Right now, you are just pawns.

I'm surprised that doesn't bother you.

              Now can I get back to these races?

                             It's all I have.


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