Sunday, July 29, 2018

Right Away From Logic

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       Gee ya think the government loves this? hmm... In the comments on the video post surprise surprise as everybody is continuing to give accounts of who does what..."the Republicans did this... The Democrats did that".
  Seems no one here at least in this post wants to see the real problem.
  Keep blaming each other instead of doing what's needed. Keep telling people to get out of the country.
  That's always worked... not.
 Besides the Republicans do nothing anyway. They hated the Obama administration so why didn't they get out of the country?
  Because they're full of shit that's why duhh
  They're just happy to be pissing on the Democrats.
  That's it that's all

Both are blindly led.

 If Trump said he's bringing back Obama Care they'd support Obama Care.
   Dems are ignorant but their hearts are good and their actions are for the good of everyone.
 Conservatives are just a needy bully baby crew purposefully being stubborn.
  Zero real substance and they look at good-faith efforts at discourse as a threat to them.
     the real anime

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Race To Advance

    The fact that she misrepresented things doesn't negate that there is racism but what she's done is let her hysteria set relations back,... maybe.
 Here's why it's only a maybe.
  She's sincere that's why I've hesitated to call it a lie. She's likely well meaning but she's dangerous if her judgement is trusted by others.
  This should not be a reason to scrap all the progress that we've made as a people on race relations (though I call it "understanding") rather it should be a chance to move forward even more as yes, she is wrong she misrepresented what happened but what's dangerous to all of us is that she (if you listen accurately) didn't lie, not legally at least.
   Listen again you'll see.
  She gave her "feeling" about things.
   Yes I hear her stumbling around the 7mph thing cause she likely knew it was more but go deeper.

 When feelings are taken to bolster or even supplant the (legal) reality it's unspeakable and harms everyone so let's not bitch about it lets see what we can do.
    We can use this perfect reason to hate blacks to become better ourselves.
    To advance; for ourselves.
 Here's what I mean in a movie example.
  Stay with me here you'll understand.

  In Shindlers List Oscar schools Goeth that "real power" is when you have every reason to kill; you're completely justified yet you don't.

  So be disgusted with her as I am but maybe not let it detract from you yourself advancing.
    Racism is real, though we're growing out of it at even a faster clip than years ago but what is not declining fast enough is hysteria.
    Breathe and understand and even hate the bitch but don't let it steal your advancement.
  The progress made is so important but the growth to come should be protected from intruders; like this disease of hysteria.
  Not just her hysteria but hysteria from all of us. She reacted very poorly causing her to basically lie but we have a chance because we're on our computers safe from her mundane traffic stop so we've zero excuse.
   Ya folla?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trump stumpers

      On the Trump fans being with him no-matter-what; it is simply this psychologically speaking and that is;
  Trumps following is smarter than you think.
It's not really the intelligence that's lacking as some dems say rather it is many peoples dream to shit on their bosses ---real or perceived.
 The emotions come out with trumpeters but that's not new as Obama ---and every candidate since there have been candidates--- has fed off this too.
This is their OJ but now it's them getting away.
This is their unhappiness with their lives.
This is their fear of the unknown.
This is them subconsciously knowing that there's no good fatherly god but having to lie to themselves and it shows itself this way with these particular defenders of their President.
 He could be from planet hd72h272h79 and it wouldn't matter now because he is their pain and especially because the perceived "smart" people don't like him.

  That's ALL this is I promise you.
It's the bible vs others.
 Almost NOTHING could be said that will change this.
 They've (with varying degrees of awareness) waited forever to "get those smart fuckers".

 Democrats are fervently and ignorantly supported as well (the very nature of elections) but it's largely honestly based on practical issues (whether they're on point or not). Emotion can be staggering as well with them but its not the ONLY thing or when it is it's based on things that actually affect them.
   Trumps crew and almost every Republican since it's turned into "this" has always had to FIND an issue to affect them.

  Now it's the illegals.

 This Trump win is for guys like my character Bill who I trot out on occasions to comment when I need a silly bird to rant and rave incoherently so I can stave off any boredom that I might be experiencing.
  He serves a purpose as he's very patriotic so therefore ripe for me or even someone of thought to pick apart.

  He's like my character Monia who just can't stop calling me and motherfucking me.
  Monia is me but she is you.

  So the next time that the democrats say that they don't get it, simply remember that they will if they read

                          a character stud

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Big Bad Dong

The 'Big Don' song for the Trump says that they have 'god on their side' (these Republican conservatives).
  Idk maybe who knows but yet they say that they don't understand why humanity (the ones that count at any rate) sees them as the KKK or Nazis.
   Or some other considerate lot.
 Well, Hitler in his own book said on three separate occasions that he was "doing the "lords" work".
 On the belt buckle of every German soldier was "got mitt uns" or 'God on our side' I find out from Hitch.
   Liberals are silly and need to dress better (especially the girls #trycolorsinsteadofanewshadeofblack) but the Donald has tapped into something positively American: Angry spoiled bully babies that don't know ---nor want to know--- how to handle themselves and loving their ejaculating president loll
   And he's funny as heil

 then again I'm just john y'all.

  steadfastly pitching for Jesus.

 And of course always for
 handles himself nightly

Monday, July 16, 2018

In the air tonight

   On this Fox News "go get em" video
                        (click link) 
      OK so they are making fun of "atheists". That's great bring it on but serious people don't even consider that word a word but I'll go with it but FIRST... we have to stop saying the word "god".
 I myself am not an atheist; to be an atheist means that you're certain that there is nothing; and that's really something.
  It's almost as insane as claiming to know that there is... something. Moreover, it's a silly word that was only made up to respond to the sillier dangerous theistic bunch ---of which we're most definitely not.

I have shouted many times that I'm pretty sure that there is a "first" cause and yes, I'm also guilty of sometimes calling it ''god'' but I'm not sure that it worries about us and it sure doesn't seem to even know or care (in our sense of the word "care") that we're here. 
 And thank god cause I'd hate to think that all the horror is purposeful. 
  Thank God that we're likely random chance.
Meaning don't take your baby falling into the fire so personally.

  That's arguably predetermined.


It's still too emotional for us and fogs our minds because of remnants still lingering from a varying degree of indoctrination. The not as damaging term "creator" will be fine enough though.

Reread above

     There are so many ways to show why this "have you ever heard of a car without a creator"? seemingly "gotcha" attempt is retarded and I love a real "gotcha" moment ---this ain't that though. 
  But I'll accept it here though the patter back and forth in this video needs to be addressed beforehand or it will fall into some "you deny our ''skydaddy''?! drivel.
   Trying to avoid that.

  So because you can't explain something you lazily insert the "god" exclamation, as it were, into everything.
   You've (the religilous) had to give so much ground though in the recent 2000 years; Why?

When you answer that you will understand it; that's how easy this is; It answers itself if you're willing to let it; will the hystericals actually allow this though or will they lay on their back groveling as they do?

  They are incredibly lazy as it's either on their back or on their knees.
   How supple and soft they are and it shows. 

 needs no knee but his weeeenee