Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Stifling Talk In Unremarkable Location

#BLM justify their stifles and physical actions because they feel that somebody (the black) has been hurt; that's why they refuse to listen.

 So, ok, great, but the only time that it can be acceptable to not listen to a possible inflictor is immediately after when your baby is killed by said inflictor as then all would justify you for being obstinate to that person and just shooting them.

Even then, though, maybe. 

 But at least it could be tolerated. 

  Meaning, for 160 years, there is no one that is in that such immediate danger as to warrant them stifling a potential conversation.

  In other words, we have the luxury to talk about things.

 How? Because the "atrocities" are not happening now, but never mind that as we have more important things and the first thing is this: We should be talking about where the fuck do you get off pretending that black people have not been enslaving their other blacks in all areas across the Earth for eons and right up to this day as evidence will show.

So you can show me all day white people treating black people a type of way but until you come to terms with yourselves doing the same thing before ---and still to this day--- we are just going to have to press the mute button.

          I'm in an undisclosed location at 1589 Fairway Drive in Naperville Illinois 60563 somewhere in the second bedroom of apartment 301 but you'll have to figure it out from there blackies. 


11/19/2020 Coleman Hughes and I on FOX TV with CNN soon after.

  "Elections baby"

    --- anonymous

  But that's why the reschedule. 



Nickles Need To Be Dimed

One of the reasons that you've been seeing black people behave the way that they (forever) have is because they're not (quite) as stupid as you might think.

 And here's what I mean to back that up.

It's because they know (even vaguely but persistently because it's undeniable) 100% that they have enslaved others as well and are still doing it to this day; Wiki it before it gets taken down.

It's Shakespeare's "thou doth protests too much" on full display. The more that they can cut off your arguments and scream oppression (as that preys on natural folks desire to not oppress anyone so we invariably back off and oblige their narratives) the longer that they can continue pretending that enslaving others is a uniquely White thing.

  The nauseating white people that are mostly mindlessly supporting BLM (largely white women ---see my other posts on why that is) who take this cause up are disgusting of course but you actually have to have a heart for them because their good human nature is being taken for a ride by these colored mindsets. 
But they have to be talked to.

Only one of two things can happen here; America will be run over (even more) by the (dark color omitted) idiots or the backlash against them will be epic.
Not sure yet which way but there's no other option that is possible as I see it, right now.

  They are making good-hearted white boys like me say "fuck em". 

Just as an aside to lend to my Shakespeare reference regarding their self righteous non-discussion mindsets, the Shaun King guy is so light-skinned as Freud would have fun demonstrating why that he is so over-the-top virulent in his negation of other views. 

He knows. 

 Updates coming as the need arises


Friday, August 21, 2020


The short quick version that I've wrote on my other page is this: nobody likes slavery as we can all agree with the idea that slavery is a bad thing; nobody likes oppression; nobody can disagree with that; whites have enslaved others (so it wasn't personal); but the thing that nobody has talked about ---as the news stopped showing it in the early eighties--- is that blacks have forever enslaved other blacks all across the world, throughout time; so, while we all agree that slavery is wrong (no matter where it is), the blacks ---who continually do this also--- do not hold any moral high-ground, in this matter here, and therefore have no right to indict white people for something that the blacks have always done themselves, #too. 

  Meaning that when a people are making a *specific* charge against another people ---and again, the keyword is "specific"--- saying that it's whites and whites-only that have enslaved people, they forfeit the right to make that charge when they themselves are completely guilty of the exact same thing whenever and wherever that they've had the chance.

 Also worthy to note is that, blacks enslaving other blacks is still going on to this very day in other parts of the world.

  Now, I completely realize that they might not have taken this into consideration because the elite (rich) learned fast 50+ years ago that there was far more profit for them in pretending that enslaving others was a whites-only matter so they've stopped showing blacks enslaving others 40 years ago in favor of keeping the false narrative going and thus the money continuing to roll in.

 Take heart though, because enslaving others is simply a nasty human undertaking rather than a black-only affair.

 Cause whites have done it to others, #too, I mean. 

  They're beginning to be made to know and we are allowing them time to come to terms with this obvious but understandably awkward realism. 


 I'm not a smarter-ass and I HATE any unwarranted prejudice.

 Most white people these days have good hearts but they're breaking with being continually blamed for things that they personally not only didn't do but from having to stomach the most egregious of errors in blacks blaming us for something that they themselves (blacks) have also done to others. 

   FOX news and MSNBC are having Coleman Hughes and I on ---but after the election.

 Which says a lot. 

 The Democrats are using the blacks. 

 Using people's emotions is simply politics ---either side. 

 I'm not a Republican ---far from it--- and I've been public for decades and could easily be accused ---and have been--- of being a liberal pussy at times on this particular matter, but we knew that something was way wrong, back then.

   We're not happy about this coming awareness but we need not just the truth ---because anyone can spit some inconsequential truism--- but the larger more encompassing and enlightening truth. 

  It's going to be alright. I really think so.

 Whites DON'T hate blacks!! 

Or at least not anymore than we hate or like anyone else. 

 And the videos of whites treating blacks a type of way are born out of frustration from us (even vaguely) knowing this back then. 

 Cops need to be accountable, absolutely ---but so do ---others. 

 Show me any unwarranted racism and I'll be right there with you fighting it.


 I've always wanted to play guitar in a group, but the Shadowbanned I never though I'd be a part of. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Dis Discriminatory Dang

 ---On discriminatory hiring.

  No one chooses to not hire somebody simply because of their skin color or sexual orientation, no, rather, they choose to not hire those sorts because of what they know will likely now come with it; because if the applicants are actively gay or actively black, those companies have understandably come to realize that if they indeed do hire them then that's all that they'll then hear about 😓.


           My new phone is so shiny and purple. 


Friday, August 14, 2020

Boy Ben Been Being Bad

  Video of Ben Being Bad

 God damn I want to like Shapiro and I like him on most everything else but to properly address his comments here, I have to first have it noticed that he gets real picky and requires a lot of proof that 2 + 2 = 4 ---yet he uses it everyday in EVERYTHING he does--- but when it's turned on him as he's asked about (the truth of) why being religious is paramount to him, he bizarrely reasons that people are bad (so) that makes him feel good to have his religion as the guiding force in his life.

  Notice him preferring his religion. 

So you mean, it's "evolutionarily beneficial"?

I'm coming back to that. 

Ok, well WHY doesn't he have much faith in people?

 Why does he think that most bad things happen in the first place?

 Should he look at the possibility that it might just be ---religion?

The short answer is yes. 

Most of those bad things are done actually because of religion ---or a type of dogmatic thinking (same thing).

  Now to get to his question that he thinks is so smart when he asks "how does Sam really know that 2 + 2 = 4" as it could just be "evolutionarily beneficial".

 OK, well, first, what's wrong with that? 

I mean, Shapiro himself just said that he too sees the value of that regarding his religion. 

  Secondly, I will have to be rude and point out to him that we know that every time that we have used the 2 + 2 = 4 "truth" as our base, it has always worked whereas religion has thus far never worked and to the extent that it has quote-unquote "worked" is the degree that someone has purposely fooled themselves or stifled themselves or simply got through their life in spite of their religion. 

 And that goes against nature ---and advancement. 


                   Endearing as always