Saturday, September 26, 2020

Hot (But Accurate) Microphone

 Jim Ferragamo of CNN was just caught on LIVE audio saying "the blacks were jungle people and up until when they were captured had always been summarily torturing and enslaving others; so as the British colonies wanted to advance, they felt that since the blacks were enslaving and exterminating the others that we couldn't afford to not use them as labor" and he reasoned that "hell it wasn't even so bad because they had a job, they could have sex and breed and eat anytime they wanted. 

About the only thing that they couldn't do is continue their forever enslavement and extermination of others". 

 Concluding "so what did they expect"? 

  I mean will he still be able to keep his job after people here that.

 Because they might actually want to make him King for bringing that forward.

                          Black glasses matter


Friday, September 25, 2020

A Chip Off The Old Crock Of Shit

 Not knocking them unwarrantedly 😏 (that's for you Brionna) but regarding the Blackies and their constant bullshit has relatively sufficient honesty mandating me to say that having a chip on your shoulder can actually be a fantastic thing to fuel you constructively in your life; but having some purposely-false chip put there just makes you an unnecessarily-mad and hypocritical true piece of human shit that should be cast away to the jungles of the earth. 

 If even they will tolerate you. 

       I love a good race riot.

      It cleans out the blood. 

These things gotta happen every 5 years or so.

      Just don't tell Fredo. GOD DAMN DON'T TELL FREDO NOTHING. 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Unmasked Un-Racism

Breaking News: unmasked un-racism happened. 
    As a human being, I hate the visuals on this, but I have to say that as much as I despise wearing the Hannibal mask, it is asked for in certain places and while yes, it's not criminally illegal to not wear one, but once you are asked to leave a private facility you then become subject to a trespassing charge if you don't. 
Yes, I want to spit when I see this but we must notice that the cop did not body-slam her; he just arrested her. Now, I don't know if it was an actual trespassing situation but that's the way that I see it, here, and actually it really doesn't matter what situation it is because I am talking in general terms.
 When people cry about wearing a mask, I can totally relate about how amazingly bullshit that it seems, but since we do not know yet all the particulars of the virus thing, we as a society should go along with it until we know better ---not just emotionally act because we feel type of way about it. 

  I mean it's just part of the job when you have to arrest a girl as they can give you the finger and whatever but as long as you're doing your job your captain won't be mad. 

  Being hauled in for questioning can be brutal but it's the price she has to pay for being white. 

The Saddest State

 Click for Sad Blacks 

I just cannot fathom that this is the reality that I have come to realize that I am in. I sincerely just can't breathe when I think of the absolute ignorance of these largely human creatures.

Now mind you, everything that they are saying could somehow be some sort of an approximation of a type of general truth if what they were all upset about was even remotely accurate ---but it's not.

But nickels don't care.

 Look up Shakespeare's "thou protest too much". Yeah, it's one of my favorite things but what he means by that is that usually somebody over-doing something shows that they know something about themselves ---that they don't want you to know. 

  I give blacks the appropriate credit as I think they know better. What do they know better? They know better that they have never stopped enslaving other people all across the Earth since time began right on down through the ages and right up until this very day. I think they are very aware of that (on some level) and that is why they keep being nonsensical.

 Otherwise they are the most stupidest dangerous creatures to have ever walked ---and that includes the caveman. 

 On my mother's soul I actually feel sorry for them not because anything has happened to them but rather because I can't imagine the ugliness they must feel about themselves to do this and what they're going to feel when the obvious facts that I mentioned above are brought to light.

On my fathers soul, I swear I think I would prefer to live my life without them knowing this (and so yes, continue pretending that white man is uniquely bad) because this is the saddest thing that I have ever known in my life.  

   Some of these people are truly sincere and I don't know if I have the heart to bring this to their attention what normal introspection would already have shown them.

 I sincerely don't think I have the stomach to show them the trillions of hours of live video of blacks enslaving blacks all over the earth every chance that they have ever had.

 I wonder if anyone gets what I'm saying.

 I just think it's the saddest thing imaginable because they truly believe this. 

 The white people joining this consist of just silly girls being silly and young ---and female; hot but always potentially noxious. 

 And the guys are just there to awkwardly expell angst from not getting laid from these ---girls?

 Well, females, at least.  

 But the Blacks....

Ohhhhhh the Blacks. 

 I'm just going to stay under the blanket until it's all over. 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

When Blacks Breathe

   Blacks being "good". 

Even when black people are thought to supposedly be doing the right thing, most still can't help but to commit crimes of violence while doing said ---right thing. Because all he had to do was hold him until the cop gathered himself, but no, they show up as the abusing pussies as they all have to go beat on him just to get some free shots in as they feel protected because, in that situation, the police will let them go ---and they knew that.

 Silly people say that black people don't have intelligence, but the more aware ones realize that they use whatever intelligence they have to bad ends largely.

More intelligent people than me have said that 'a person's true nature is what he does when nobody is looking' and this would be the corollary to that that, 'it's what meanness you do when you know that you can get away with it'. 

 Poor breeds they are.

 The stupid breed, I mean. 

Whatever color they come in. 

 I mean, so it's all of the sudden okay to beat on a person when he is on the ground?

  Couldn't we all say that if he just used a mild restraint we would all rightly agree with that particular use of force?

So now that they have free passes to let their true nature out they beat on a person while he's on the ground as ---he's ---being ---held ---down.

 It seems that George Floyd wouldn't like that would he ---my brothers?

 But no charges will be filed. 

 As per usual. 

 Bullshit you all are. 

 In short it's the feminist that are at the heart of all this but that's another story for another day.

             Will there be another day?