Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Truthy But Faulty

Many people argue terrifically but from a faulty premise.

It's "fruit of the poisonous tree"; which means it's a faulty base; which means it will grow but it will never be sound; which is like a guitar that's out of tune yet still plays but not in concert.

 If one says, say, "ice is cold" everything after that is taken as similar "truth" by willing participants to said original false base. 

 For example, if someone is accused of something and then it's argued how that person could have done it, it will seem absolutely brilliant (and it actually is perfectly brilliant) except for the overriding an overarching truth that the person wasn't even there. 

 And when, say, a metaphorical God shows the video proving that the person wasn't even there, the people then double down and change to being offended that the person was violating their right to privacy by videotaping them which therefore "proves" to them that this was all set up to make them look bad which "proves" that ------the person killed the other. 

   I am certain that we need to grow by considering that we may be under a misapprehension but I am beginning to think that it is 100% conclusive that the only way we can guarantee certain ones growing sufficiently is by having it happen to them.

 Now, a simpleton would say that we need to experience racism oppression and slavery to understand the Black man.

 Needs to happen to us, I mean.

 Seems just, right?

 But it has. 

In fact, it almost never has not.

So but to which I would agree but to be something other than a simpleton would demand me to point out that Blacks have never stopped enslaving everybody that they have ever come across during their entire history in all parts of the earth during all times and even right up until this day as just a cursory look will prove this ---over ---arching ---truth. 

  This right here is specifically about me so you can bow out now if you want but I've always noticed that when a non-colored person holds the door for you or gives you that little flip, they never say anything except to respond "you're welcome" because we say "thank you"; as that's the only exchange and also I think the only exchange that there needs to be; whereas, when a black person does this, we have to hear about it for 45 minutes as they often will go further by bellowing "that's right, my mama told me how to behave" and then they will say "yes I do this, I do this, that's what I do, my mama taught me".

 With no facetiousness and no sarcasm I say that that is one of the saddest things in the world to me where that I actually almost have to fight the lump in my throat; except that I want to get the fuck out of there because I know who I'm around.

And then that even makes me somehow even sadder but I'm usually then comforted that I am finally around normal terrible white people again who have only picked my pocket but not then tried to make me feel that I somehow deserved (thanks Robin Diangelo) to get my pocket picked. 

                       Don't shoot me until I say.

 I'll tell you when don't worry.
I've always been right on time. 



Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Better Whole Hole Always Better Than Any Bit Of Bitter Ho

 No matter how you slice it, married ones are making the best of a bad situation: but that they themselves have wilfully chosen to be a party to.

 I mean it could have been good but they purposely chose to make it bad but in light of what?

 What was the other side that was so horrible to ponder?

 It's not cute to go to dinner with your supposed beloved one and playfully text about his quirkiness and how that you (said with no facetiousness) "tolerate him"... and then the "male" him/her self gets on Twitter and facetiously says some things about his experience at dinner with his wife.

His "better half"?

Oh but wait she'll playfully correct him with the "better 3/4" laugh riot.

How he is a "prisoner guys".

Or "my dudes". 

 Ewwwwwww yuk

Ewwwwww no it's YUK ×2 definitely not cute. 

  It's frankly nauseating and disgusting because it's so weak. 

 It's literally because of religion.

I had to give up talking about the scourge of religion and/or dogmatic thinking (same thing) because I had to attend to another scourge of non-thinking with the black lives matter crew.

 If you don't like the hassle that the black lives matter brings then you should've stopped picking on people for petty differences ---or even for any differences--- and also you should stop trying to make fun of people that are actually taking the time to give their considered thoughts through a few paragraphs ---or even more. 

 Meaning, you should never champion stopping the ones that are fighting for you.

 Because if you do, then you will be showing us that you are not really worth fighting for.

 So in other words chat up you mouth.

                    Or at least shut 50% of it. 

                Or even half as the case may be. 


Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Race And Race

 This political race should never be merely about pointing out that Donald Trump lies or pointing out when Joe Biden lies; because, we have to grow up in this one as this is a very pressing matter; and yes, more so than previous elections as all elections over the last 60+ years have had an undercurrent of race behind them ---and maybe they damn well should have.

 No one really has ever seemed to be against the Blacks, in particular, as that's even just boring but also it's because we usually have enough to do without worrying that the Blacks might be pissed off that we don't especially like them particularly.

 As Joe B would say "c'mon on, man". 

Most everybody has been enslaved and certainly 100% of everybody has been oppressed at some point; but first, as I have wrote about many times, the Blacks have no endgame; but second, and much more importantly, is that they have to obviously answer for ---or even just acknowledge--- their own enslavement of others, before we can even begin to contemplate wringing our own hands about their mostly self-made predicament.

 We need to call an Earth meeting where that all the bullies get up and promise to never make fun of any sexual orientation or any peculiarities within another person; there then will be the peace; because, the women dogmatically supporting gays and Blacks will not anymore (just watch); and then the Blacks will be down to their 13% and as Coleman Hughes says '(they will then get in the appropriate line)'.   

It might even be in front ---but it'll be accurate, wherever it is. 

And then America will welcome them with open arms in a more natural way rather than in some faulty nauseating (and fake) virtue signal style. 

  In closing, I have to point out that the thing that is more nauseating besides Blacks thinking that they are entitled to something, especially, is when people of all colors (proudly) say that they "have all the facts" and that they like some politician because he "tells the facts".

 Yuk, because what I'm saying is that in these particular matters (and most others) you do not have to wait to be *told* the facts.


Because if you were even just the slightest bit self-reflective you'd already know what you need to know. 


                          They need a mirror.

I'll loan them mine.
It's broke anyway. 



Thursday, October 22, 2020

Defending The Karen

 She's (likely only temporarily) insane, right here, (Video) Of A Karen At Wits End With The Blacks yes, but this is what the Blacks have done to semi-rational thinking people.

 Whatever color that they come in. 

White people simply do not know what to do with Blacks irresponsibility of pretending that they haven't enslaved everybody that they have ever had the chance to enslave on down through the ages and right up until this very day as just a cursory look on Google will show the clear evidence of this.

They've become like monsters to us but only because they don't even acknowledge their own never-ending enslavement of others.

 I might be redundant there in those last two paragraphs but somebody has to pick up the slack for their zero dundancy. 

    I mean, think about how truly bad a Karen is

  But then after understanding these overarching but still simple precepts that I've wrote, realize how bad the other has to be to win the crazy award. 

 Actually, in light of that recent news, I'm not even sure that she is a Karen. 

           But we all know he's a Dontrelle.

                             Don't we. 


Monday, October 19, 2020

Tolerating People's "Tolerance".

He's not allowed to be wrong?
 Or is it something else?

           This is so stinky but so ubiquitous.

 People see a good-looking guy with a good looking girl with a good looking baby that's leading a good-looking life and simply because he made a simple good-natured error in judgment, they are forever grateful for his demise and gleefully relishing in it.

 To them, it is some stinky "justification" for their forever miserable-ness.

 Like, "seeeeeeeeee".

  All I see is some boring hateful-ness. 

     At least be interesting in your hateful-ness. 

            I might give you a type of smile then.



Sunday, October 18, 2020

No Vibrations Leads To Bad Vibrations

"I've never liked the Beach Boys" "Dr." Jessie Daniels says, because they support Trump. 

 And neither did I when I was miserable for that one day in 1983.
I hated anything that celebrated anything.
I felt left out.
 Passed by.
I wanted to kill everything.
I wanted to destroy my family.
 But I thought ---or maybe was forced to think--- about it.
And it passed.
And I soon began laughing at how stupid I was.
 Then I laughed at how stupid everyone else was.
Then I got laid; and then I liked the Beach Boys, again.
Then my girl left me; and then I loved the Beach Boys.
 Then someone "made fun" that I could, at times, somewhat, articulate things; and then I ---still ---loved ---The ---Beach ---Boys.

 But to think that she actually has the "Dr" salutation before her name is one of the most distressing things in the history of this universe, I swear on my mom's soul, as she continually shows no ability to be able to differentiate.
Indeed, "Good Vibrations", she never has.

                             God tortures. 
                       So give him credit for it.




The Silence Of The Lambs Of America

 There is something that interests me.

It's when I wonder about someone that was very intelligent that had great clearness of the mind to be able to see into the future just 160 years, even, as like, say, in 1855, when people were contemplating ending slavery: Did someone write down in some journal, or even publicly, that America, in 150 years or so, (which would now be now) would be having to figure out what to do with the Blacks ---again?

 I mean, did he see the Civil Rights Movement coming?

Did he see us being so ignorant and/or heartful and considerate to never mention to the Blacks how that they have continually enslaved everybody that they have ever come in contact with ---and even right up until the present day?

Did he see this culture that we have, today, because of this purposeful silence?

 I'll bet that someone indeed did; but I would like to know how he thought that it would turn out.

 So what is it all for?

Advancement, of course, ---Clarice. 


               Whites are secretly talking, now.

But likely only about the joys of watermelon.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Welcome To The Grand Illusion

    This one right here, throwing fire on an officer (video) needs a daddy.

      Any takers?

A large percentage of the population is saying that these things are a myth which I think is a lot of bullshit myth-information but seriously we should not describe these people with grand names like "Left" and "Post-Modern" blah blah blah; we should call this for what it is: A bunch of daddy-issue-laden kids that grow in age but not in emotional maturity.

   This guy (kid) doesn't even have wrong political ideologies; he's just a spoiled brat that is pissed off at his life and wants to take it out on others.

There's no grand thinking here within him: there's not really even some righteous cause; there is just spoiled-bratism.

 The reason that I am being so easy on him is because we have all been there where we imagine ourselves throwing fire onto another person, but the difference is that we know we would not like that happening to ourselves ---so we refrain.

 For another day, at least. 

                         I can hold off my fire. 

But can you wait, though?


Friday, October 16, 2020

I Got Zelle, Blacks

 Percentage wise, Whites have enslaved other people much less than Blacks ---and the Blacks have yet to stop--- so, since we all know that this #BLM thing really is about slavery and who's owed what, we can inform the Whites of our upcoming checks from the Blacks.

 Thanks, fellas. 

            I'll be here a waiting on those funds. 

Or a good blowjob whatever works for you. 


Nodding Off

 Speaks so much that all you have to do is have the "nodding woman" or the "agreeing Black" behind any remarks and that's enough to make the other women and Blacks go along with it.

And it's on both sides, as always.

 Oprah made billions doing that and so did Phil Donahue.

What does that tell you, women and Blacks?


 Also to notice is that woman start everything off "I feel" while Blacks end everything with "ya feel me". 

Guys, you better step it up quick or these women are going to stick to the Blacks just to shove it up yo asses. 

  So how to get better?

 1st, no more marriages. 

If you want to be with your girl that's terrific and I am all for it as I like that, too, but once you start demanding (by law) that they be with you, you then yourself become a scourge and an inflictor.

 Concern yourself with being a father rather than concerning yourself with being a husband.

                 I like practicing having babies.

Keeps me ready for the real babies of this world. 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Race War Abated If You Want

 If people are really serious about ending these racial tensions, then here is what they must do. Since black people make up 13% of the population (even though they are supported by roughly 65% of the total population of the United States (and of that 65% it is near 100% of the women, and of that percentage of the women it is 100% of the gays or the people that constantly feel different and upset because they were picked on) it shouldn't be that hard. 

 But now having been made aware of this we need to have some situation where it is stipulated that nobody can ever make fun of anybody different anymore; and White guys I'm talking to you.

Figure out your sexual situations and realize that it's only going to get worse if you don't deal with them because as Freud said "everything comes from our comfortability with our sexual-ness". 

  We know he's right, because think of any bully that has ever been nasty to you; you could just tell that he was not comfortable with himself, right?

But anyway, once this has been done (whether in theory or even in practicality) then the blacks will have to be responsible and own up to the fact that slavery is a human undertaking, rather than, a uniquely White situation; and when they are shown them constantly enslaving others, they will then not have any support to keep them on bullshit, but rather, they will (because they actually are sufficiently smart) simply own up to it and become decent citizens. 

                  Then we'll kiss and make-up.

                                But not until.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Daddy Issues

 Marriage should be thrown away but being a father should not. 

The biggest problem is no fathers rather than no husbands.

 Have you ever thought about that?

 Start being a little more responsible by being less of an inflictor that directly stems from you staying in a marriage and/or a relationship simply because you are told to and/or that you're afraid to actually walk the earth without deary by your side ---or on your back as the case usually may be.

 These guys that trumpet having a wife and telling all the better points that marriage brings (Matt Walsh) do have some points (if you're a weakling) but they take it too far because to hear them talk about their dinner dates and to tweet in public back and forth at each other about their cutesy weirdnesses might be cutesy but it's irresponsible when it's not cute anymore ---if it ever even was (cute). 

 Yuk, I say. 

If you are really concerned about advancement for yourself (or even just for society) then you would have dropped these faulty principles; because, living more responsibly for yourself makes you be more responsible for others and therefore makes everybody step up.

             But do you really want to step up?

 Me neither.



Kings And Queens My Ass

 A thoughtful Black (yeah I know right) just said "oh come on, John, the Whites were talking about us back in the forties and fifties".

Yeah you're goddamn right they were because I mean, you're running around saying your kings queens and bosses and calling your own women bitches and hoes so you're fucking A right we were talking about you.

And also you won't come to terms or even acknowledge your continual enslavement of every human that you have ever had contact with on down through the ages and right up until this day, so that indeed makes for lively water cooler talk, yes.

                    Smoke em if you got em



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

New Clear Family Problems

Here's Jessie hating herself.
  She constantly sees what she thinks is pretty people actually procreating and she despises it.
#MeToo because I was never able to have kids and I was never pretty (just ask all of my girlfriends) but that doesn't mean that my disappointments should be thrust onto everybody else.
  So we understand as she feels like she's downtrodden and seeks other people who she needs to stay downtrodden so that she has somebody to relate to; and yes, we can all feel sorry for the state that she is in, but she should continue to be marginalized none the less.
 But she takes up with the Blacks?!?
 Why is this absurd?
 For reasons that I will now illustrate in a suggested solution that I have.

 The simplest solution is this: All white and other (but mostly and especially the Blacks make fun of gays, you know) people should get up and say that we have no problem with the gay community but rather we just have a problem with a woman who doesn't like herself so she irresponsibly transfers. 

  Remember that it's the Blacks (rather than the whites) that have predominately made fun of anything that is not heterosexual.

  Obviously there are plenty of reasons for this as growing up without a father figure makes them feel that all they have is their manlihood and so they associate caveman behavior with manliness. 

I myself have always been content with being downtrodden cause girls love a guy that can't pick just one girl. I suffer in silence but it's a content silence, I guess. 

At least I don't inflict my content-ness on others.

Complex Articulating While Being Ignorant

  She's a great speaker but she should have spent her time articulating other subjects because, here, she's fundamentally wrong as she is basing her conclusions on a false premise; an unawareness of the #why of a matter. 
 Because even though people might not be as articulate as some other people, what they feel is felt with every human being that has ever been slightly introspective as they realize that we are all capable of slavery and so when they realize this they can't help but come to the realization that Blacks have forever enslaved everybody that they have ever had the chance to enslave on down through the ages ---and right up until this day--- as they have never stopped.

 I honestly (at this point) do not think it is any more complicated than that.
 I'll listen as to how that I might be in error in my conclusion about the "complications" surrounding why non colored people tend to not like the Blacks.

 Anyway, but once the proper acknowledgment has been seen given from the black community, things will change (naturally) for the better ---for everybody.

 But do they really want this or is this just their latest incarnation of slavery; maybe not for the physical being but for our mental health; as in some type of enslavement of our critical thinking in some disgusting mental entrapment of unwarranted guilt.

 Or are they all just on bullshit?
 Or only some of them?

         It's likely one of those ---but nothing other. 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

BLM In Full Bloom

 #BLM in full bloom.

"Yeah bro, the Whites suck". 

          There are gays and then there are fags. 

                  Protect the gays with your life.

                            This guy's a fag.



Friday, October 9, 2020

The Keith Olbermann Problem

 So Keith, you must feel 100% justified to say that we are all scum because we (must be) the most heartless inconsiderate ignorant bastards around; but who is the most hypocritical in this fight when the Blacks have forever chained and enslaved everybody every chance that they have ever had on down through the ages and right up until this day, yet they pretend that they somehow hold some moral high-ground and that they are then well-deserved to not only tell but demand how that they should be treated by people who had nothing to do with their chains. 

But you just stay up there on your high horse and pretend that if Trump is a cad and/or if he lies once in a while (like every president) that that means that you are then therefore justified.



Learn what your momma shouldn't have to tell you. 

         Even my Pepper is flipping you the bird. 


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Already Mad

 Hey guys, remember that every time that you've had a terrible experience, it was probably related to some woman being pissed off at you because you didn't address her right or that she felt somehow slightly slighted.

 Well that's what's going on now.

They arrange a debate with two women and Mike Pence (who by the way is the most courteous considerate liar that there has ever been, politically, and who actually lets people walk on him) but yet when he gives his responses he doesn't go significantly over the time; and just by merely responding or disagreeing with said women, he is cast as misogynistic and racist:

But there were only two women there.

 So who was he supposed to be addressing?

  Then, they get mad because he actually addressed them by their first names. 

And they get mad if you call them by their color.

Then they get mad that you could even respond and are found to be argumentative with them.

 But ---it's a debate.

 Which, by definition, is an argument.

Worthy of note is that Trump and Pence interrupt males much more than they interrupt females.

So if women want to be treated one hundred percent across-the-board equal then they will have to learn to be interrupted even more.

 We can do that, no problem.

       Maria is already mad so I'm covered today. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Whites Latest Coop On Blacks

 Miley Cyrus is being canceled because she paid some Black girls tons and tons and tons of money to be in her dance routine and to do work for her.

 To do ---what ---she ---says.

Bosses tend to do that. 

Look it up.

It's really true.

So when my black employer (boss) gives me a box to take to the end of the loading dock, is he being racist, is he "using" me inappropriately; or is he paying me to do work for him as Miley Cyrus is paying them?

These are women who have never done anything except sit back, whine, complain and act like the woman from Five Easy Pieces where Jack Nicholson has to finally tell her what's really up with her life.

If they get what they supposedly want, then they won't get what they really need; and if they don't watch it, then they are going to have the biggest backlash as no one is going to want to hire a Black.

And that's specifically why that I am starting to think that these rabid dogs are put out there to actually destroy Black people all while under the guise of trying to protect them.

So maybe this is a Republican plot or a Democrat plot but it does seem like a plot none the less. 

 Poor Blacks.


          The Whites are smarter than I thought. 

                              Those bastards.

Monday, October 5, 2020

20/20 "Honesty"

 Introspection is so much the key to living life at least, somewhat, having the chance to be able to limit any unnecessary damage from yourself to others and from yourself to (and maybe more importantly) ---yourself, but I ask this: Are black kids ever taught or encouraged to value ---or to even merely tolerate--- the slightest bit of introspective-ness?

No, instead there are only taught to ponder within themselves the lengths with which they are "oppressed".

  Maybe if the Blacks were to take a look inside themselves they will oh yeah forget it.

                           America, she is.

            My baby Monia called me a Honkey.

 But I'm white happy with myself so no worries. 

Don't BLM Me

It's hard not to understand the cries of the insecure; whether they are gay ---or just downright weird, or even just the blatantly ignorant hypocritical mean introspection-less blacks (as that's at the core of this angry Left) as they are afraid of honesty. And I don't blame them, as bullying should be condemned on all fronts (except in some WrestleMania bullshit) but what's possibly surprising is that the more honest that we are able to be, the more easy it is for us to have hearts and to (appropriately) take care of those said others instead of merely coddling and (or worse) even dangerously tolerating them. 

 The people that choose to "believe" that 2 + 2 is 5 simply because they feeeeeeeel a type of way about it, do, in fact, need comfort (which is obvious) but we need to have a sounder base (a higher genuine understanding of things) where we are all sufficiently honest because we will then be much more inclined and therefore willing to give them the needed comfort.

 This appeal is really to the males, because if they don't start getting more enlightened (and soon), then the females are going to keep joining things like #BlackLivesMatter. 

 And none of us need that bullshit. 

Listen when and if the whites get on some bullshit, I would take them to task, also. 

  But after our KKK meeting adjourns 😜. 

    Anyway, I got you on the "let's all be more considerate" front (at least that's what I prefer to call it) from the Left.

 But you pukes at #BLaMeothers I got your front right here. 

                           And mom is proud

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Oh Yeah Women

 I crave women (because I'm psychotically honest with myself) but c'mon, in serious matters, and yes, with some exceptions, the women don't have too much to offer. 

 But that's just nature ---so don't hate them for it--- but males have to figure out a way to more *politely but smartly* marginalize them or cater to them or satiate them in some better way ---otherwise they just get pissed and join BLM. 

 That's right. 

 Remember that. 

 They're like "OH YEAH?!! You're not going to listen to ME!? Okay, well watch who I take in as my friends!! I'll organize with the Blacks"!!

That's right.

 "Hell hath no fury as a woman (even "thinking" that she has been) scorned".

  But ultimately, a better understanding of ourselves is what is going to have to always hold sway as then these kowtowing things will be the things that are marginalized rather than a significant percentage of the population. 

 Don't ever text while you're taking pictures driving. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020

(Updated) Colored Cultures Bring Dark Thoughts

  This tekashi69 and other various "oppressed" people's culture has infected the non-colored (NC) kids now for more than 60 years.

 NC kids used to be about trying to contribute, trying to have some fun and trying to not hurt (too many) others. 

 It's not quite as simple as those couple or three sentences but the short of it is this; that, the NC kids grow up hearing and "learning" that the colored ones are oppressed (and they very well may be (oppressed) but it has nothing to do with NC people doing that simply because of the others skin color) and being that it's human nature to be curious of those people a bit in general, maybe ---but especially when they are in your lives everyday--- makes it so then the NC kids start to look at them as in a type of odd underdog scenario because they "persevere" in spite of their "oppression". 

 But so then some understandable (yet still unwarranted) respect comes for them but disturbingly whether or not that person or race is actually, in fact, oppressed. 

 And then they begin to whole-heartedly (but still dogmatically) defend those colored people's culture and even try to emulate it; and that's why that when you fast forward to 2020 you have people easily buying into this Robin Diangelo crap.

 Again, when you have 15 kids to a family (whether you are white whether you are black or whether you are orange) it is more likely that you are not going to be able to give the proper security to said offspring and thus they are going to seek it elsewhere; and since they had no sound authority in their lives, they are going to despise authority as they "mature". 

 Every video of a colored person saying "you ain't my boss" should be replaced with "you ain't my daddy".

It's sad but they are right.

 So with the White House psychologists continually advising to keep this false narrative going, it is very hard to offer a true practical solution, but I will offer my best theoretical position on this coming up, soon.

  Ok, soon is here:

  In my personal experiences with hearing Blacks exchange with me, they usually devolve into taunting me with questions like, "come on, you hate us; come on, you hate black people; come on, admit it, admit it" which sounds exactly like they're transferring their vague but understandable yearning for understanding why that their fathers left. 

 "C'mon dad you know you hate me, (that's why you left) admit it". 

   It's all right there in front of us if we look. 

                         It's easy to hate them

  but it's much easier to hate me for saying that.